About Me

Well hello there! Thankyou for stopping by my little island in the vast ocean that is the internet.

My name is Ian, I'm 28 years old and I am a husband (as of January 2011), carer (for my wife Jan, who, suffers from M.E and, a few other conditions/ailments), photographer, coffee fan, food lover and now... a blogger.

I'm a little ADD & OCD which will no doubt show itself in my posts from time to time whether it be in the form of lists, me complaining about things not lining up etc or by me going off on a tangent... you have been warned.

I love all things geeky, I'm a Whovian (although not to the same level as Jan), a massive fan of Star Wars, the proper ones, not that damned prequel trilogy and lover of almost everything with the word 'Marvel' before it.

As is to be expected of people with a love of all things geeky, Jan and I are big collecters of toys, action figures etc & these have a habit of cropping up in my photography.

I'm a film fan. I'm a fan of most genres although my favourite from a young age was always horror, in fact I still to this day harbour the desire to create a horror film.

Jan (thanks to me) and I have a slight addiction to YouTube videos. I would love to have the confidence that these people have to post YouTube videos, alas at the moment I do not, hopefully one day!

After my ramblings I should explain what Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult is about. Basically it is a place for me to share with you the highs, lows & inbetweens of life. It shall contain a plethora of all things geeky, nerdy, funny, foody, crafty, booky & a whole host of other things ending with 'y'...and some things that don't.

Please sit down with a coffee, or tea, or water, or orange juice (this could go on for a while)...and read the weird and hopefully wonderful thoughts that reside in my head.

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