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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Movie Electro Action Figure Review

Today I have for you a review of another figure from the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series, this time, it's Movie Electro... Allons-y!

I assume most people are familiar with Spider-Man and Electro however, just in case, I will explain the backstory behind this incarnation of the character...

Maxwell 'Max' Dillion is a nobody. He's that guy in the office everybody overlooks. He's the guy the girls depend on for help but never go out with. He's the guy people refer to as 'oh yeah, him, urm, what's his name...'. Whilst battling Rhino, Spider-Man saves Max's life and Max develops a somewhat unhealthy obsession with him. When forced to stay late at Oscorp to fix a power issue, Max is electrocuted and falls into a tank full of electric eels (talk about your bad luck eh?). This accident, instead of killing him, gives him great power (shame he didn't have a nice uncle, things may have been different!), he believes this will make the world notice him. Trouble is, Max has had a psychotic break and turns against Spidey, and the world. Harry Osbourn, in return for Max's help, gives him a suit to help control his power. With this control he takes on the name Electro and sets out to make the world believe him a god.

Now you know a little about the character, let's crack on with the review...

The Sculpt

The majority of the scuplting on this figure is good, with one rather major flaw...the face!

The face on this thing is beyond bad! It's supposed to look like Jamie Foxx (White House Down), the pretty fella who's friends with Channing Tatum... instead, it looks like some weird fugly hybrid of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) and Daniel Craig (James Bond).

The face aside (literally! It's that bad that I had to remove it to concentrate), the sculpt work is relatively good. The body is quite nicely scultped featuring some of the details you see in the film. That said, some things are in the wrong place...such as his weird nobbly bits. There should only be two weird nobbly bits and they should be on his collar bone not his shoulders. What are they for? Is that so they can charge him like an electric car?

The Paintwork

The paintwork is...neat. That may sound like a good thing, ordinarily it would be however, in this instance, it's the only nice thing I can think of to say.

In the movie Electro's suit is dark blue with hints of eletric blue (see what they did there?), the figure's suit is, with some blue dry brushed onto his chest and shoulders. I can only assume this is to give the impression of an electric current running through him...or he could be cold? His collar has some silver on it which, as I said before about the paintwork, is neatly applied!


Whilst not quite up to the standard of the Superior Spider-Man or the Amazing Spider-Man 2 from this series, the articulation on this figure is good. Electro is never going to need to perform yoga-esc poses (he can shoot electricity so why would he?), however, should you wish to, the articulation offers plenty of posing capabilities.

The only draw back with the articulation that I can see is his shoulders...due to the placement of the weird nobbly bits on the shoulders, the movement is restricted at the joint (this can be sorted with clever positioning of the joints...or a knife!).


First and foremost, this is another from the 'Ultimate Green Goblin' build a figure line, so, you get a body part. This time it's Goblin's left arm and a cool flame effect (as in the effect is cool, not that it's a blue flame!).

As well as the BAF parts, the figure comes with two other accessories. Firstly, you get two sets of hands. You get a pair of closed fists for times when electro has a power shortage? As well as the closed fists, you get a pair of Emperor Palpatine hands...for non Star Wars fans, they're hands with electricity shooting from the fingertips.

As well as the hands the figure comes with two heads. You get the standard Schwarzenegger/Craig love child and, you get a powered up version. To differentiate to two, the powered up one has foam coming out of his eyes...thinking about it, I think it's supposed to be sparks of electricity!


Overall, this figure is quite, blah! The sculpt (minus the head) and articulation are quite nice but, daft issues let it down.

If you want a good Electo figure straight out of the packet, this probably isn't for you. If like me you have OCD and once you have started collecting a series you need the rest,'ll have to get it. If you're a customiser looking to make a good movie Electro, this could possibly supply a base point for you to start from...if you can't get a Bucky Cap!

Is this figure worth getting? Not in my opinion, however, each to their own!

So, there you have it, my review of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Movie Electro action figure...

Do you have this figure and/or the others in the series? What are your thoughts on them? Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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