Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas 2014 Gift Guide - Atgames Arcade Ultimate Portable Video Game Player (Portable Mega Drive Player)

Tomorrow is the 1st of December and with that, comes the last couple of weeks in which to get the Christmas shopping done. With that in mind, I thought I should now bring you gift ideas that are in stores instead of online. Today I bring you the Atgames Arcade Ultimate Portable Video Game Player... Allons-y!


The  Atgames Arcade Ultimate Portable Video Game Player is a genius piece of kit. What you have is a Sega Mega Drive in the palm of your hand. It comes with 20 pre-loaded games including classics such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe, and Streets Of Rage to name but a few. As well as the pre-loaded games, the device also has a SD card slot so you can also play other games you have downloaded from the various ROM sites available online.

I won't go into detail now as I will be doing a full review soon but, I'll give you a spoiler's amazing!

Here in the UK it's available at Argos stores for £29.99 (I'm afraid I don't know which store, if any, carries it outside the UK, although, I assume it is available as I have seen reviews online!), and it would most certainly be a great present to get a gaming fanatic, especially someone who, like myself, spent a great deal of time playing on their Mega Drive when they were younger.

I hope this, and the rest of the posts in this series are helping you in the build up to Christmas!

Do you have this? Do you have it's predecessors? What do you think of it? What was your favourite Mega Drive game? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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