Friday, 28 November 2014

* Candy Japan - Subscription Pack Unpacking And Review

Today I have for you a review, it's not however one of my usual figure reviews. This review is in the same vein as my Loot Crate's another subscription service review. The subscription service I am reviewing for you today is, Candy Japan... Allons-y!

This is where there should be a group image of my sweets (candies), however,
in a mad rush to open them, and eat them, I forgot!

Candy Japan is, as the name suggests, a Japan based subscription service. For £15.98/$25 (todays exchange rate...tomorrow may be different!) they send you a 'candy envelope' with 1-3 items in, twice a month (you get sweets (candy) delivered to your door! How genius is that?). As well as the sweets (candies), you also receive an email each month which gives you information about your sweets (candies), just in case you can't read Japanese. Rather obviously, depending where you are in the world, delivery times will vary, however, mine was quite quick.

In my 'candy envelope' I received two packets of sweets (candies), Flower Kiss Candy and Doki Doki Puchi Saru no Mori...

Flower Kiss Candy

I have to be honest, these were my least favourite of the two. Don't get me wrong, they are lovely but the others were just better. According to the email I received, these sweets (candies) are quite popular with girls in Japan, which Jan pointed out is quite apt for me...I don't know what she means! 

Also according to the information provided, they are supposed to taste like sweet milk and apricots/plums. Now, I don't know about tasting like apricots or plums but, they are very sweet and fruity. In that rather British tradition, they would be good for long car journeys instead of the standard boiled sweets (hard candies).

Doki Doki Puchi Saru no Mori

These things are sooooo nice! It should be said, I love pineapple so expected great things from these...they didn't disappoint!

Before I talk about them as sweets (candies), I should point out that they are actually a game. Within the packet you get a little cardboard thingamabob that you put together (the information email also had destructions for this!) to create a rocking tower. Once assembled, you see how many sweets (candies) you can hang on it before it tips over...I got two (by cheating) for the picture above then I gave up!

The sweets (candies) themselves are pineapple soda flavoured gummy monkeys (or maybe a teddy bear with a scorpion tail?). As daft as it sounds, one of the higest compliments you can pay to a pineapple flavoured sweet is 'it tastes like pineapple' (seriously, think about it, how many times have you had something that says it's pineapple flavour, or apple flavour etc and it tastes nothing like it?)...and these, these most certainly taste like pineapple. Unlike the Flower Kiss Candy, these would not make good car journey sweets...mainly due to the fact they would be finished before the car is started.

If you have a sweet tooth I highly recommend you give Candy Japan a go. It's a great product with excellent customer service and a reasonable, it's always nice to try foods from around the world. Why not head over and place your order HERE!

Have you tried Japanese sweets (candies)? What did you think of them? Which sweets (candies) should I try? Leave me some comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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