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Shows That Need To Come Back - 03: The X-Files

It's been a little while since I have done one of these posts (exactly one month to the date in fact). I've found myself sidetracked writing action figure reviews, as well as making halloween-y props for some shoots I want to do. Anyway, here it is, finally, part 3 of my 'Shows That Need To Come Back' series, this time it's the turn of The X-Files... Allons-y!

Before I begin, here is the opening theme to the show (YouTube won't upload the opening credit sequence! Sorry!)...it's one of the best known tv themes, not just of the 90's, but possibly of all time (it's up there with The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air!).

The X-Files 1993-2002

The X-Files was an American, science fiction horror drama about two FBI special agents, Fox Mulder played by David Duchovny, and Dana Scully played by Gillian Anderson. Each week, the pair would investigate unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena such as...werewolves, zombies, aliens (as in E.T not An Englishman In New York), spontaneous human combustion, possession, creepy dolls, invisible animals...to name but a few.

Even though most weeks were, in effect, a 'monster of the week' show, the show also had an ongoing, conspiracy/alien invasion theme (which they overused towards the end of the shows life!).

The shows two main characters, despite working together, had very different opinions towards aliens and paranormal phenomena. Mulder was a steadfast believer in all things paranormal, whereas Scully was a skeptic, convinced that all things could be explained scientifically. It is Scully's skepticism that is the reasoning for her superiors assigning her to the X-Files in the first episode. They want her to debunk Mulder's work so they can force him to return to 'normal' cases, Throughout the shows run, the pair grow close, eventually trusting each other and barely anyone else.

The Agents Investigating The X-Files

FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder - David Duchovny

Mulder is often considered 'weird' or 'spooky' and his views 'far fetched' by his peers. Despite this ridicule, time and time again his theories are proved correct.

The mysterious disappearance of his sister, when he was a child, is what steered Mulder down his path as an investigator, and towards the paranormal. After joining the FBI he worked in various departments (such as profiling and the violent crimes units), before stumbling across the X-Files.

He is said to be red/green colourblind and have a photographic memory (TV and movie's made up version of Eidetic Memory).

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully - Gillian Anderson

Scully (or Dr. Dana Katherine Scully, B.S., M.D to give her full name) is the polar opposite of Mulder. She comes from a happy home which was never hit by such a tragedy as Mulder's. She is skeptical of all things paranormal, believing instead that all things can be explained with science (it's around season 7 that she finally becomes a 'believer').

Scully was recruited by the FBI straight out of medical school. After two years service with them, the director placed her, with Mulder, in the X-Files, the purpose of which...to debunk Mulder's work.

Despite her skepticism, Scully finds herself on the receiving end of paranormal phenomena including...an alien implant which gives her terminal cancer when it is removed. A full, miraculous recovery from the terminal cancer, and mysteriously falling pregnant despite her being extremely infertile (possibly not paranormal but, they never address if the daddy is Mulder or a little green man!).

So, there you have it, another addition to my list of shows I'd love to see back on our screens...

Did you/do you watch The X-Files? What shows do you want to see back? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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