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'Godzilla' Review

Tomorrow sees the UK dvd release of Godzilla. Is the film a roaring success, or is it a flop like the 1998 outing... Allons-y!

Rather obvious but I shall say it anyway...SPOILERS FOLLOW

Godzilla opens with a team, lead by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa (Ken Watanabe - Batman Begins) investigating a mine collapse in the Philippines back in 1999. Where the mine collapsed, they find evidence of radiation, humongous bones and, what looks like a fossilised egg.

The movie then shifts to Japan, still in 1999. Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston - Breaking bad, Malcolm In The Middle) is the chief engineer working at the Janjira nuclear power plant. He has, over recent weeks/months, discovered strange, unexplainable seismic activity that could potentially cause devastation to the plant and surrounding areas. As this is an action monster movie the seismic activity hits again before he can tell his superiors. This time, rather than just a minor inconvenience, it leads to the plant's destruction and the death of his wife...I should have mentioned, this all happened on his birthday!

15 years later...Joe, now considered, how do I put it nicely, mental (even by his own son!), is searching for the real reason behind the meltdown. When Joe is arrested inside the quarantine zone surrounding the plant, his son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Kick Ass), recently back from his tour of duty as a Navy EOD technician (a bomb guy...the kind that stops them going boom!), travels to Japan to bring him to America. Ford goes with Joe to the quarantine zone (in an attempt to show him it was an accident) where, it becomes obvious, Joe was right all along...why does nobody listen to the crazy person when they say we're all doomed?

Within the carcass of the plant lays an egg, similar to the one at the start of the film. A multinational group are performing research on it (basically, poking it with a big sticks to see what a child would!) when, just as Ford and Joe are taken there, it hatches and the s**t really hits the fan...I realise there had already been a mine collapse and nuclear meltdown but, this is an action movie, they are merely appetisers.

The rest of the movie is filled with mayhem and destruction as Ford and the US military battle...I say battle, they might as well have blown kisses at them...the creatures that is, and Godzilla finally shows up and saves the day!

Some people have complained about the lack of screen time the title character gets. For me, this too is a big issue...the film is called Godzilla for crying out loud!

Considering the subject matter is a little far-fetched (unless you know of a real 350 foot dinosaur like creature?), the addition of things like a problematic family dynamic, and Ford's struggle to be reunited with his wife and child add a much needed sense of realism and relatability to the film. Admittedly, the characters are quite thinly fleshed out with you having to effectively insert your own backstory for the missing 15 years. At times, they feel like an unnecessary time filler.

The film also suffers from a lack of logic at times. I think this lack of logic stems from the makers trying, a little too hard, to put an intelligent spin on the simple premise of a creature feature.

The action scenes involving Godzilla and his foes are big, brash, and over the top...I like em! Helicopters are swatted like flies, tanks are hurled like frisbees, buildings are flattened like styrene cups...basically, it's like Michael Bay's wet dreams...minus Megan Fox,

I went into this movie expecting to like it, I went in thinking 'it's about a 350 foot uber-dinosaur, what's not to like?' however, I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the first half hour featuring Bryan Cranston, and the fights between Godzilla and his foes however, these sequences came far too late on in the was most certainly a case of too little too late.

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on it? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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