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My Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games

I figured, it's about time I did another 'My Top... Games'. This time, it's the turn of, the Sega Dreamcast... Allons-y!

Despite having a relatively short life, with Sega ceasing production only 2-3 years into it's run, the Dreamcast had a variety of great (and not so great) games. It was widely regarded as been ahead of it's time, it's downfall however came with the release of Sony's PlayStation 2 which, had the ability to play DVDs.

When compiling this list, it came to light that I had quite a considerable number of Dreamcast games so, I have limited it to 10...

10 - WWF Royal Rumble

If you read my 'Top 5 Nintendo 64 games' you may recall, I mentioned how terrible this game is. It had, barely a handful of wrestlers and, so few match types, you could still count them on one hand after having an accident involving farming machinery. I realise non of this sounds like a 'top 10' worthy game and, frankly it probably wouldn't be on it if it wasn't for one reason...the multiplayer! In single player, the game was fairly naff however, the multiplayer gaming was enjoyable.

Fun fact (I don't know if the glitch was just mine?): In Royal Rumble mode, every time Triple H came out, he got less hair each time...occasionally, we'd end up with him bald.

09 - House Of The Dead 2

Long before The Walking Dead was even considered, zombies were popular in all forms of media. One such media was, light gun arcade games, which consequently, led to light guns making their way to console gaming. Unlike most games where you controlled the character's movement, you were automatically maneuvered around locations (usually a creepy mansion). All you had to concentrate on doing was, firing your little plastic gun at any and all zombies you saw, before they reached the screen to bite you.

08 - Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online was a, real time, hack and slash, role-playing game. Set after the destruction of your home world, you find yourself exploring new planets in the hopes of inhabiting them. As is the case with most RPGs, you find yourself in conflict with many weird and wonderful creatures, all native to the planet, all intent on ripping you limb from limb, As the name suggests, a large portion of the idea behind PSO was, network gaming. Whilst it had been done for some time on PC, network gaming on consoles was still in it's infancy. Whilst the game could be played (and completed) offline, it was beneficial for you to play online. Online play offered you the chance to complete missions as part of a party (often making it easier) and, gave you the chance to trade weapons, armour, cash.

07 - Shenmue

For anyone who doesn't know Shenmue, it's a little difficult to explain. It's an open world, investigatory, adventure, revenge game...basically, it's a Jason Statham film. The level of detail within the game has, to this day, probably not found an equal. Every character in the game (both main and unimportant background) was voiced and, had their own daily schedules. There was a day-night system (something which a lot of modern games don't have) and, real-time variable weather. There was countless interactive elements within the game including, arcades, convenience stores, vending machines, gumball machines etc.

It is widely regarded that, Shenmue is the originator of many advances in modern gaming, including, the 'open city' sub-genre. So, if it wasn't for Shenmue, we probably wouldn't have seen the likes of the modern Grand Theft Auto games.

06 - Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2 was a 3D arena fighting game. Unlike most fighting games of the time, Power Stone 2 had dynamic stages which changed during the course of the battle, effectively making one stage into two or three. They also had interactive elements, such as gun turrets and, objects you could bomb, or crush, your opposition with. As well as the interactive elements, each stage had boxes containing power ups, healing elixirs, weapons etc. Despite it's innocent, cartoon like appearance, Power Stone 2 was a deceptively violent game...hence me liking it.

05 - Crazy Taxi (1 & 2)

Crazy Taxi was a open world racing game, in which, you took on the role of a taxi driver, delivering fares to their destination. I realise that this doesn't sound like the most exciting premise for a game but, bare with me. Your main objectives was to deliver your fare as quick as possible (the boring part!) however, in doing so you had to perform stunts to gain extra points. The more manic you drove (without crashing), the higher the fare you received. In Crazy Taxi 2 the 'crazy hop' was introduced, giving you the ability to jump your car, thus giving more chance for bonus points. As well as the standard game mode, Crazy Taxi also including a host of mini-games, including...Crazy Jump (jump your car as far as you can), Crazy Balloons (pop giant balloons in the time limit using your car as a pin) and, Crazy Bowling (ten pin bowling using your car as the bowling ball).

04 - Sonic Adventure (1 & 2)

Ordinarily, I hate 3D Sonic games, however, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 were a joy to play. Sonic Adventure managed to do something that non of the other 3D incarnations felt very reminiscent of the original. Where as most modern versions of games change the formula, Sonic Adventure kept the basic premise from Sonic's early days, all whilst giving it a rich 3D environment. The Chao (virtual pet) you could raise and play mini-games with were cute too!

03 - Virtua Tennis 2

This may come as a shock (unless you know me), but, I am, in no way shape or form, athletic. I have very little interest in taking part, or watching most sports. This disinterest in athletic pastimes also translates, by and large, to computer games. One exception to this rule however is tennis, I enjoy watching tennis, and have, on occasion, attempted to play. I suck at tennis so, instead of humiliating myself, I used to play Virtua Tennis 2.

02 - Soul Calibur

Another fighting game finds it's way onto my list...I'm not a violent person normally, I promise! Unlike quite a lot of fighting games which focus on unarmed combat, Soul Calibur focused on weapon based combat. The game boasted a wide array of characters including...the British born, fetish apparel wearing, snake sword wielding, Ivy. The demonic, blazefire saber wielding, knight from hell, Nightmare. The crazy looking, lizardy thing, Lizardman and...Astaroth, the golem created by Ares with the intention of overthrowing Zeus.

01 - Metropolis Street Racer

Here we are, my number 1...Metropolis Street Racer. As the name, and packaging suggest, it's a racing game (however, unfortunately, there is no Superman). Quite a lot of MSR's features could be seen as a precursor to modern racing games. It was one of the first games to give you points, not only for speed, but also for how aesthetically pleasing your driving was. It was also one of the first racing games to put you into accurate recreations of world cities. The game also boasted what is, to this day, one of the highest number of tracks available, with around 260 to race on I believe. Not only was it a great game that I lost many hours playing but, if it wasn't for it, there probably wouldn't be most of my current favourite games. 

There you have it, my top 10 Dreamcast games. Do you agree with my list? What's you favourite Dreamcast game? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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