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Bones Season 10 Premiere episode - recap and review....and rant! SPOILERS!!!

Here is a recap of the opening episode of Bones season 10, originally posted on my blog, Merlin's Cove....hope you enjoy! Jan x

If you haven't watched the opening episode of Bones season 10, you should probably stop reading now!

Having re-watched Bones from the beginning over the last 2 weeks in preparation for season 10, I was very excited when premiere day dawned....now I am PISSED!!!! I still haven't recovered, nor forgiven Hart Hanson, for the murder of Mr Vincent Nigel-Murray, played by Ryan Cartwright. Now, something even worse has happened and I am seriously not happy!!!!

At the end of season 9, Booth, Sweets, Brennan and all the squints, were trying to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the McNamara family, and reaching into the upper levels of the F.B.I. As a result, Booth became the object of an assassination plot. Three Delta Force members, and apparently also F.B.I agents, stormed his home and tried to kill him. Booth had sent Brennan and their daughter, Christine, away to stay with Max, but Brennan returned with vital info to help Booth. Luckily, as he was an Army Ranger, Booth is pretty damned resourceful and tough, and had booby trapped his beautiful (*sob* I still haven't recovered from seeing that place destroyed!) home, and was prepared. He killed 2 of the men, and Brennan killed the third. He didn't emerge unscathed however, he sustained gunshot wounds and was rushed to hospital for treatment. When Brennan finally hears that her husband is ok, she demands to see him, and pushes through to get to him. She finds him cuffed to the hospital bed, accused of the murder of 3 agents.

Three months have passed since the attack on Booth. He is in prison, trying to stay safe and alive, while Brennan and the squints work with Sweets to continue to unravel the conspiracy. Booth is toughing it out, but life isn't easy for an accused cop killer, or for a cop and he is now both. When Brennan visits him she tells him that they have found some leverage on the prosecutor in charge of his case. He doesn't want her to show their hand too soon by using it to get him out, but she ignores him and visits the Federal Prosecutor. She rather deftly blackmails him into dropping the charges against Booth, and he is released immediately. Booth isn't happy however, as he insists he could take care of himself in prison. Brennan takes him to their new, rather palatial home which she has decorated with all of Booth's beloved stuff, despite the damage. She's getting very good at this relationship and romance malarkey! Ian thinks I'm very like Brennan in the romance department....practical romance! No mushy stuff bleurgh!

Brennan and the squints have exhumed a body which they think will lead them to the top of the conspiracy, a man named Cooper. However, when they try to examine the remains they find that someone really didn't want anyone to be able to reexamine the body. The body had been sabotaged, to ensure that the remains were compromised. Thankfully, we have Hodgins! Upon examination of the bones, the team finds evidence of a car accident which happened approximately 5 years before the man died, but which is described as a fall down the stairs in his medical records. They've found another cover up!

Sweets tries to get Booth to trust him enough to let him help. At Sweets' apartment, Daisy lets herself in....well herself and her huge baby bump! Sweets and Daisy are together and they're having a baby! Yay! In hindsight, that should have given us a clue that something bad was about to happen....just like the title of episode 2, The Lance to the Heart, did.

The team find the doctor who treated Cooper when he got to the ER after the car accident. Turns out that he'd been blackmailed to cover up the accident. Cooper had killed a man in a hit and run, and whoever is in charge of the conspiracy wanted that leverage over him. The doctor had been caught on film stealing pain medication, to sell to pay for college.

The squints discover that Cooper didn't die from cancer, as was reported, but was injected with a substance developed by the company Booth believes is behind everything, Sanderson Chemical. Thanks to this info, Caroline gets a warrant for any and all documentation about the drug from the company. Sweets goes to deliver the warrant and get the paperwork, while Brennan and Booth visit an old man who worked security at the hospital where the doctor worked. He had access to the security tapes, and was then hired by a subsidiary of Sanderson Chemical. When they get there, the old man seems confused, and starts talking about being in the F.B.I. Booth gets a call, which appears to be very bad news, and he and Brennan rush off. It turns out that Sweets had been ambushed as he went to serve the warrant, and had suffered massive internal injuries. He dies before help can arrive.

Sweets' body arrives at the Jeffersonian, with Daisy by his side. He will never see his son. The team are all devastated by his death. Cam isn't sure she can perform the autopsy, but Brennan steps up to say that she can. That the body isn't Sweets, it's a tool they can use to catch his murderer. Rest assured, whoever killed Sweets is in for a world of pain when they catch up to him. Sweets was family.

I'm genuinely devastated that they killed him! He was just so damned lovable and sweet, and great at his job....and he was going to be a dad, and he would be able to put the demons from his childhood behind him, and raise his son with love! Really not fair! I know that John Francis Daley needed time off, as his career behind the camera takes off, but they didn't need to kill him! They certainly didn't need to show us how happy he was with Daisy, and with his newly growing family....that was unforgivably manipulative! I really wanted it to be a set up, a ruse, but it really doesn't seem like it *sob*....I hope they get the conspiracy sorted soon, I like the standalone episodes a lot more, the arcs just last too long for me. Glad that Booth was only locked up for a few minutes of the episode. While I do love it when Booth goes all wrath-y, I'm not sure I like this new angry and disillusioned version of him. I like his wit and humour, and the relationship with Brennan. Now I have to find a way to get through next week, when they really start to mourn him, and we see what the world looks like with him.....

Did you see the premiere? What did you think? Are you upset at Sweets' death? Or do you like the twist? Leave me a comment!

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