Thursday, 7 August 2014

Warner Brothers Announce 9 Upcoming DC Comics Movie Release Dates...

Warner Brothers have recently announced, 9 upcoming release dates for movies based on DC Comics... Allons-y!

DC fans can rejoice, Warner Brothers have recently released some information regarding 9 upcoming DC movies... I say information, they have released the dates...

05th August 2016 - Untitled DC Film
23rd June 2017 -  Untitled DC Film
17th November 2017 - Untitled DC Film
23rd March 2018 - Untitled DC Film
27th July 2018 - Untitled DC Film
05th April 2019 - Untitled DC Film
14th June 2019 - Untitled DC Film
03rd April 2020 - Untitled DC Film
19th June 2020 - Untitled DC Film

As you can see, Warner Brothers haven't identified any of the movies, leaving fans, guessing for the time being. Judging by the amount of casting news coming thick and fast for Batman V Superman it's probably a safe bet that some of the slots will be taken up by Justice League members... This is possibly bad news for Sheldon Cooper as it means we might see an Aquaman film.

Which DC characters do you think we will be seeing? Leave me your thoughts below.

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