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Terrible Films I love - 03: Freddy Vs Jason

It's about time I did another 'Terrible Films I Love'. For this entry, I am going to take a look at a film that mostly received, less than positive reviews from critics... Freddy Vs Jason... Allons-y!

As was with the case with my previous 'Terrible Films I Love' entry Halloween, Freddy Vs Jason was in no way a financial flop. On an estimated budget of $30 million, it made an estimated $115 million at the box office which, has to be said, is great for a 'slasher' flick. It is however, disliked by a large portion of critics, with an approval rating of less than 40% (at time of writing) on Rotten Tomatoes and, that is why it is on my list.

Freddy Vs Jason is a crossover between A Nightmare On Elm Street  and Friday The 13th,  pitting the movies antagonist's against each other in a violent, bloody showdown... It also happens to be the last film in each movie franchise before they were rebooted... Coincidence?

In the movie, Freddy Krueger, played by horror legend Robert Englund, has grown incapable of entering the dreams of the teens in Springwood, Ohio. This is, in part, due to the passage of time however, it is mainly due to the towns adults incarcerating, and drugging, any teens with a knowledge of him in order to keep the other teenages unaware of his existence. In order to regain his power, Freddy manipulates Jason Voorhees, played by Ken Kirzinger, into resurrecting himself, travelling to Springwood and murdering it's teenagers. This causes fear, panic and rumours of Freddy's return thus, empowering him to return. Despite Freddy having regained his power, Jason doesn't (or is it can't?) stop killing, this deprives Freddy of potential victims, which angers him, and this, ultimately, causes the showdown between the two... No offence to Ken Kirzinger but (I realise saying that doesn't mean it isn't offensive), I personally wish they had Kane Hodder as Jason, it would have been amazing to see the two slasher legends face off!


Many reviewers have issues with the storyline and, whilst there is undoubtedly flaws, lets face it, we don't watch slasher films for the storyline, it isn't Forrest Gump.

Whilst most of the kills in the movie aren't anything new (with the possible exception of the 'bed' kill), they are still entertaining and reminiscent of the slasher films of old, which I like... Also, Jason's killing spree, through a corn field rave, whilst on fire, is well executed and very entertaining!

The films last 20 minutes or so is the showdown we have all waited to see since Jason Goes To Hell and, it doesn't disappoint. Freddy and Jason slug it out to the bitter end, not only using their respective weapons (Freddy's razor glove and Jason's machette), but anything and everything they can get their hands on... Jason even using Freddy's razor gloved hand!

Whilst the movie will never be perfect for all Freddy and Jason fans, it is still an enjoyable, bloody battle between two giants of slasher movies... What more could you want?

So there you have it, another 'terrible' film I love. Have you seen Freddy Vs Jason? What did you think of it? Leave me your thoughts below.

Oh... Nearly forgot, I stumbled upon some shots I took a while back, on my Facebook page. I thought you may like to see them as a little 'bonus' for reading my musings!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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