Thursday, 7 August 2014

Arachnophobia... The Film That Turned Me Into A 6'1" Wimp!

How often have you heard people say something like 'that film was so scary, it's made me afraid of...' or, 'that could really happen, now I'm scared of...' and thought to yourself, idiots? I have to admit, I used to think it quite often. I recently however remembered a film I saw when I was younger, a film that I am relatively sure caused me some issues, Arachnophobia... Allons-y!

Released in 1990, Arachnophobia  is a horror comedy (Comedy? Seriously? That s**t's scary!) about a newly discovered Venezuelan spider, accidentally transported to a small American town, it produces a new, deadly race of spiders that kills the towns residents... The evil eight legged b*****ds!!!

When Arachnophobia  came out, I was only 4. Obviously I didn't see it at 4 years old, not through any form of parental intervention, it was just I had better things to do, like run around (oh how times have changed). I must have been around 8 or 9 when I saw Arachnophobia, for the life in me though, I don't know how me seeing it came about. Before seeing the film, I had no issue with spiders, I could quite easily deal with them (in a non-lethal way) with no fuss. Since seeing it, well, that's a whole other story... Now if I see a spider, or sometimes just an image, I sweat, I shake, I get panicky and flustered. Generally, if there's a spider, I'm a useless mess until it's either, a sufficient distance from me that I know it won't get me (I know, it sounds pathetic), or, it's dead (I know, it's cruel). Having racked my brain about this, the only conclussion I can come to is, Arachnophobia  is responsible for my arachnophobia.

Oh well, just avoid spiders you might think, it's easy enough isn't it... I wish! I have two phobias spiders and heights... Well, landing after falling from a height (incidentally, I don't know when or why that came on). Anyway, I don't know if it's just my brain, or others with phobias suffer it too but, my brain insists on making me 'confront' them. If I'm parked in a multi-story car park, I have to look over the edge, if I'm walking near a drop of some sort, I have to look over... My brain is a d**k! Avoiding spiders is just as hard! As a photographer, something I love doing is going out, photographing nature. I love to photograph birds, animals, flowers, insects etc and, without fail, I will end up seeing a spider and, my brain will insist I shoot it...


It's not just a one off... My brain likes to torture me!!!

So there you have it, my somewhat embarrassing admission about the one and only film that has ever truly scared me... What film has truly scared you? Do you have a phobia? If you have a phobia, does your brain insist you 'confront' it? Leave me your thougts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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