Monday, 11 August 2014

5 Things All... Ok, Pretty Much All Gamers Have Done

When it comes to games, there are usually multiple ways to go about reaching your goals, meaning, most peoples experiences are different. That said, there are some things, whilst not necessarily things the developers intended us to do, that, at one point or another, pretty much everybody has done. Let's take a look at 5 of them... Allons-y!

05: Lost After Attempting A Shortcut - 
Mario Kart 64

Strictly speaking, messing up most of the shortcuts in Mario Kart 64 will not leave you lagging in last place, that is of course, with the exception of Rainbow Road... We've all done it, performed a rocket start/completed a lap, steered over to the left on the first hill just after the line, jumped the barrier and drifted slowly through space... Soooooooo sloooooooowwwwwwlllly! You get the point... You drift slowly towards the track (roughly, a good halfway around the course), only to realise you have overshot it. At this point you are helpless, all you can do is watch as you slowly drift, for what feels like an eternity, past the track. Eventually, you get picked up by a Lakitu, deposited neatly back at the start line, just in time to see that your opponents are where you would be if you had landed your attempt... With the exception of your rivals making some major mistakes, that's pretty much your race over.

04: Locked Winston In The Freezer - 
Tomb Raider 2

In the early days of the Tomb Raider franchise, it was quite well known for a few, well, a couple of reasons. Firstly, and probably mainly was, Lara's urm, how to put this carefully, proportions. I get the feeling, the Tomb Raider developers still hadn't come to terms with the idea that girls, or gir...gir... girls, as they probably refered to them, played games so, aimed them at boys. Tomb Raider's other point of fame was, when Lara exerted herself, or died, she sounded like a porn actress... For my sweet, innocent readers (and liers trying to convince their girlfriend/wife etc that they've never seen porn), she sounded like modern day female tennis players. These two facts combined spawned legend of a nude cheat, which sort of gets me onto my point. Another legend that floated around was, the ability to kill Lara's butler, Winston. All you had to do was lock him in the walk-in freezer, for an unknown amount of time and he would die... Cue hordes of gamers locking Winston in the freezer the spending hours running around the mansion... The makers really didn't seem to like Winston, you could lock him in the freezer in Tomb Raider 3 and, use him as target practice.

03: Killed Your Sims - 
The Sims

You spend hours, days, weeks, building up your house and family, what's the only logical thing to do... That's right, destroy it, destroy it all... For some reason, whenever people play The Sims, an evil, from somewhere deep inside them starts to rear it's ugly head... Think I'm wrong? Consider this... Practically everybody who has played The Sims has, at some point... Removed the Sims means of escape, then, instructed them to cook, before they completed it, told them to walk away and... Hey presto, fire. They then sat back and watched them burn (sometimes adding wicker baskets to speed it up). Not convinced? Another age old method to dispatch of annoying Sims is to, let them swim in the outdoor pool then, remove the ladder and wait for them to drown. Despite the fact The Sims is designed as a family friendly game, at one point or another, most Sims players have commited murder... Virtual murder of course!

02: Watching Your Opponents Screen - 

Whilst not limited to Goldeneye, I'm using it as reference as it is one of my all time favourite first person shooters... Goldeneye's multiplayer, as is the case with any consoles offline multiplayer match, has a major flaw, the ability to see each others screen. I could go on about people having an honour system, promising to not look at each other screen but, lets face it, that would be bull. Nobody wants to come last in a multiplayer matches, it's an embarrassment so, we've all spied our opponents screen to see where they are and, used this to get a couple of sneaky kills.

01: Acted Like A Law Abiding Citizen - 
Grand Theft Auto (Any)

There's only so long you can spend on Grand Theft Auto, blowing things up, murdering people, stealing cars etc, before you need a rest or you want to try something new... And, what is it you do then you ask... Well, you act like a law abiding citizen. Now, this may come as a shock to the newspapers but, at some point or another, players of Grand Theft Auto have acted like decent human beings in the game... You there, from the Daily Mail, I'll give you a moment to recover before I continue... Believe it or not, players have bought cars, not stolen them, driven courteously, obeyed traffic lights, instead of shooting people, players visited a firing range, the list goes on... Players have even been known to partake in taxi driver jobs where, safe, considerate driving is rewarded... Admittedly, this doesn't last long, lets face it, we don't play games to do stuff we do in everyday life plus, blowing stuff up is cool!

So there you have it, 5 things pretty much all gamers have done. Have you done any or all of these thing? What other things do you think all gamers have done? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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