Sunday, 13 July 2014

Real Life Transformer On The Horizon...

A few days back I wrote about the possibility of a real life Iron Man suit... Now, there is the possibility of a real life Transformer in the future... Allons-y!

How often have you watched Transformers and thought, how cool would a real life Transformer be? BAE Systems, the company (under other names) who created such icons as the Supermarine Spitfire, the Harrier "jump jet", and also, was co-manufacturer of Concorde, released, the other day, some of their plans for the future, one of which, is named The Transformer.

BAE unveiled, four of it's design concepts, sadly, these concepts are not expected to make an appearance before 2040...

01 - 3D Printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAVs could be created, when needed, for specific mission parameters. These UAVs could be used for various uses, such as, surveillance, rescue, defence etc. The UAVs would also contain dissolving circuit boards, rendering them useless should they fall into enemy hands... Me thinks people are learning from movies!

02 - The Self-Healing 'Survivor'

If I'm honest, this one's name sounds cooler than the actual method it uses... Basically, within the crafts construction are lots of carbon nanotubes, when the craft sustains damage, a lightweight adhesive fluid is emmited from these tubes, filling the gap and, setting within minutes... basically, it's airborne polyfilla.

03 - Directed Energy Systems

Better than 'sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads', this one is, crafts with lasers on... X-Wings anyone?

04 - The Transformer

Firstly, BAE actually called this concept 'The Transformer', so already this idea is genius. The Transformer is a long range aircraft, capable of dividing into a number of smaller ones when it reaches it's destination. Described by BAE as "a flexible aircraft system that combines smaller jets for more effecient travel, before having them split apart to quickly adapt to any scenario"... Sales pitch bumf aside, it's pretty much a frickin Transformer!!!

All these concepts are still in the design stage, hopefully however, we will see them coming to life soon, especially the Transformer.

What are your thoughts? Which is your favourite concept? Leave me your thoughts below.

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