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McFarlane Halo 4 Series 1 Elite Zealot Action Figure Review

Back in June, whilst shopping at Home Bargains (UK only store to my knowledge), I came across some McFarlane Halo 4 series 1 figures, here is my review of one of them, the Elite Zealot... Allons-y!

Elite Zealot from Halo 4

I realise that Halo 4 Series 1 figures are nothing new, heck, they're probably about 2 years old now however, when you find a figure that is normally £15, brand new in shops for £3, you have to get it and review it for your readers don't you... I mean, it would be rude not to!

The Sculpt

As is!
With a little post processing!

The Zealot stands around 7 inches tall, making it taller than the Master Chief figure... this difference between the two is on par with the game. For Halo 4, the Zealot got a slight redesign and, now has more areas of exposed under armour. When creating this figure, McFarlane have done a great job scultping the body, paying particular attention to both the armour and under armour, giving it all the details it has in the game. The Zealot's mask is removable, revealing it's face. The face sculpt I'll admit, could be done better, it's mandibles, rather than looking like part of the face are, rather obviously, glued on, that said, if you angle it right you eliminate that issue. Also, it's teeth are moulded a little iffy. I'm not sure if it's a sculpt issue or, if it's an issue with the original character design but, the hands struggle to hold the weapon securely. Overall, the sculpt is great, personally, I think it would have been a tad better if it had the face from the Halo Reach Series 6 Elite Zealot however, I'll be displaying it with it's mask so it's not an issue.

The Paintwork

As is!
With a little post processing!

The paintwork, as we have come to expect from McFarlane action figures, is very well done. Unlike most companies who just quickly splash paint on, like Hasbro in my Kurse review, McFarlane use washes to help create depth and show detail. The metallics are nicely done, with it been orange, it could have come out over the top and almost cartoon-like however, it does not. The under armour is nicely painted, it's grey in colour offering, both a good contrast with the orange and, creating depth. Across it's body it has little spots/lines of a light pink to indicate lights emitted from the Zealot's armour, these could have had the appearence of accidental paint splatter, however they don't, it all looks purposfully done. My only gripe is, I personally would have liked to see some drybrushing on the armour to make it worn in appearance, however, it's not a big issue.


As is with almost all McFarlane figures, they have an abundance of articulation, the package for the Zealot boasts 26 moving parts. The head has two areas of articulation. Firstly, you have where the head meets the neck, here you can swivel the head (mainly for when the mask is off), it has some other limited movement also. The second part of head articulation is, where the neck meets the body, this joint can pivot up and down as well as rotate around somewhat... it is a little lacking articulation in the head, however, he is a heavily armoured character so movement would be limited. It's arms offer a great range of movement, it has shoulder joints that can raise and swivel, single elbow joints that can bend and swivel, a forearm cut joint so you can swivel it's hand around, a hinge in the wrist and, it also has articulated fingers. In it's torso it has a ball joint allowing, rotation, limited forward/backward pivot but, it does allow for quite a lot of sideways pivot. It's legs do have articulation at the hips, knees, feets however, each offers somewhat limited rotation and pivot, again though, it's a heavily armoured character who would have limited motion anyway. Overall, the articulation is good and, I would think dynamic poses should be relatively easy to achieve.


As is!
With a little post processing!

The Zealot only comes with two accessories. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier in my review, it comes with a removable helmet because, as we know, the Zealots want to keep their faces pretty. The Zealot's main accessory however is, it's energy sword. The sword is a big improvement on previous energy swords... for one, it actually looks swordlike, the previous energy sword was short and stumpy, this one is longer and pointy. The sculpt of it is very well done, the detailing is amazing, even down to the grip on the handle and, the paint application is neatly done. The blades are made from a translucent plastic, with paint detail to give the effect that it is purely made of energy.


I have yet to find a McFarlane figure that I don't like, so it is no surprise that I like this figure. It looks great, it has a great sculpt and paint application, it offers up a wide range of pose possibities. Even at the stores advertised R.R.P of £9.99, it would be a great purchase. I personally think it's a great addition to a Halo collection, or any collection for that matter.

Do you have this figure? What do you think of it? Are you wanting to get it? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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