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Marvel Cinematic Universe Rogue: Less Rogue... More Preppy School Girl?

My apologies for taking a while to get this post up, 'man-flu' has kicked my arse these past few days, anyway, on with the post!

So... I was watching the X-Men cartoons from the 90's because, well, why not? anyway, the gang was kicking ass and, amongst them, kicking ass and talking smack (I really can't pull off saying that) was Rogue... this made me wonder, how and why is she so naff in the X-Men films... Allons-y

Logo from the cartoon of awesomeness!

Fair warning, there are going to be quite a few references to the 90's cartoon so, for those who haven't seen it, I will try provide as much detail as possible... Actually, if you haven't seen it, what are you doing with your life? GO WATCH IT... then please come back and read this!

In the cartoon, Rogue, originally from Mississippi is called Anna Marie. In the film, Rogue, also from Mississippi, is called, if IMDB is correct, Marie D'Ancanto, I have to admit, if I'm honest, I don't remember her surname in the films... In Marvel's Earth 616 universe, Marie D'Ancanto, enraged by the death of her parents in a car crash caused by drunk mutants, is a human with a violent vendetta against mutants. I have to say, if IMDB is correct about Rogue's name, I'm a little puzzled by this decision to use the name of a villain from the comics.

Rogue's apperance in the cartoons!

A large part of Rogue's character in the cartoons, is her apperance. Due to the lack of control over her abilities, Rogue covers up around 95% of her body in a skin tight, green and yellow catsuit, leaving only her face exposed. Her hair is a wild, wavy mass of auburn with a white streak and a green ribbon. She wears knee length, yellow boots with matching gloves and, a brown leather jacket with matching belt.. a normal belt, not like a Batman utility belt.

Rogue in the films (after the events of the 1st film)

Now, I realise that, despite the fact it would probably be a hit with some fan boys, and girls, a skin tight, green and yellow catsuit would not really fit a live action movie, however, surely they could have made her at least a little like the cartoon version? In the movies, apart from when she's suited for battle (in regards to movie Rogue, I use the term battle loosely), the film makers have her wearing low cut vest tops, floaty short sleeved blouses etc... I know I'm not the most fashionable person, however, when your 'uncontrollable' ability is to drain others abilities/life force, surely, as was the case in the cartoons, you'd care more about covering up and less about showing your clevage? The only similarity between the live action and cartoon Rogue is her hair, and that, is tenuous at best. The colouring (after the end of the first film that is) of her hair is almost the same, but, whilst wavy hair wouldn't look out of place in a live action movie, for some reason, the makers decided to give their version hair that was straightened to within an inch of it's life. Even with her hair having the white streak, she just doesn't look very Rogue like, there are a number of background characters from X-Men that she could be.

Despite sharing a name, coming from Mississippi and having a similar back story (they both put their boyfriend in a coma by kissing him), the two incarnations don't really share personality, attitude, speech patterns, mannerisms etc... The cartoon incarnation of Rogue is, quite rightly so, fragile, damaged, scared, she tries to hide this however with her sassy ('sassy, sassy, sassy, so sassy, sassy, sassy!' if you know where thats from, leave it in the comments!) nature and a mask of bravado. She goes into every situation trying to prove something, not only to those around her but also to herself. Her speech is, rather obviously, southern, she refers to everyone as sugar or darlin' and, no matter what she is talking about, be it serious or not, it contains a copious amount of sass. Then you have movie Rogue... she just seems like a bratty school girl and has no discernible accent to indicate where she is from... I spent quite a substantial amount of time trying to figure out how to describe movie Rogue's personality in this post and, genuinely, bratty school girl is all I could come up with.

In the cartoons, Rogue isn't afraid to throw down. No matter how many opponents, or how big they are, Rogue will always stay and fight alongside the X-Men, more often than not, she comes out on top. Rogue in the movies however, either screams and gets captured or, scurries away to safety whilst the others fight.

There you have it, Rogue, a quick talking, cool looking, hard hitting hero in the cartoons and... a whiny, preppy school girl who is quick to flee in the movies. I'm still none the wiser as to how, or more importantly why, they took such a tough, highly loved character and made such a weak, forgetful character out of her.

Which, if any Marvel character do you think they ruined in the live action movies? Which, if any do you think they made better? leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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