Sunday, 20 July 2014

* June 2014 Loot Crate: Unboxing And Review

I have to be honest, I've sat staring at my screen for quite some time now, trying to come up with something witty for the opening and, I've got nothing... This is probably due to the fact I am about to open, and review a Loot Crate, I know what the theme is and, this knowledge is causing me to bounce around like a child full of sugar... Allons-y!

Loot Crate is an American Monthly subscription box service. Each months box has a specific theme and is full of both geeky, and gamer goodness. 

The sign up process is easy enough, you just fill in your details, including shirt size (some months you receive a tshirt) and, you choose your subscription option... There are three subscription options: 1 month recurring subscription for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling which you can cancel at any time, recurring 3 month subscription for $55.11 which works out at $12.37 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, and lastly, a recurring 6 month subscription for $105.99 which works out at $11.67 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, for those in the US. British subscribers would pay $29.95/£17.45 including shipping for the 1 month subscription, $84/£48.95 including shipping for the 3 month subscription which works out at $28/£16.32 per month and $162/£94.41 including shipping and handling for the 6 month subscription which works out at $27/£15.73 per month (exchange rates correct at time of writing). If you opt for the 3 or 6 month options, the full amount is charged upfront. As a subscriber, each month you also get entered into the Mega Crate prize draw, which is, as the name would suggest, a vastly larger crate with contents valued at over $750/£437.08.

As I mentioned before, each months box has a specific theme and, the theme for June was... Transform, which can mean only one thing, some Transformers themed contents, Woohoo!!!

The June crate contained an epic tshirt. The shirt features a Transformer, which in itself would be cool, however, the shirt is taken to the next level by the fact that, said Transformer's alternate mode is, a DMC Deloreon and, his name is Marty McPrime... Somewhere, some genius has combined two of my favourite things, Transformers and Back To The Furture. The shirt is great quality, it's comfy, soft but durable, and, the size is good (I'm a little particular with how baggy/tight I like my shirts and this one fits to my liking)... I cannot state enough how epic this shirt is!!!

Next up in the crate was a, Loyal Subjects Transformers 3" Blind Box... more Transformers *happy dance* After excitedly ripping into the box like a child on Christmas morning, I found, I had received Megatron. As suggested by the name, each vinyl figure stands at 3" tall, they have 7 points of articulation and comes with a weapon. The detailing, despite the small size and simplistic nature of vinyl figures, is very nice, they are very accurate to the source material and, the paint application is good. Overall, it's a cool little display piece for any Transformers fan.

I am a fan of gadgets, gizmos, oddities, call them what you will, and, the next item in the create falls nicely into that catagory... It's a HEXBUG Nano Transformers: Lockdown (Innovation First released a Transformers themed line of HEXBUG for Transformers: Age Of Extinction)... HEXBUGs are little, motorized buglike robots that, once you flick the switch to on, they scurry about uncontrollably like bugs. Something tells me this thing will fascinate me for quite some time... on a side note, cats are also fascinated by them, make sure you keep an eye on them though as HEXBUGs are small.

As well as the crates larger items, you also get some smaller items each month. This months smaller items were... A Transformers Autobot symbol sticker (you randomly got either Autobot or Decepticon)... I just need to find the perfect place to stick it now! A Major League Gaming wrist sweatband, perfect for marathon gaming sessions, or, gaming in heatwaves (as we are currently experiencing here in the UK). Some Major League Gaming stickers, containing logos of various teams competing. A voucher for one month of Major League Gaming's GameBattles Premium Access, so you can try their premium service. Some Warhead super sour sweets. The Loot Crate magazine which, last month they trialled doing as a free pdf download, I'm guessing it didn't go well as it's back to a physical copy this month. The last thing I got was, the Loot Crate badge... each month they give you a badge that has an image on symbolising that months theme. Many reviewers don't seem to like the badge, for the life in me, I cannot figure out what their problem with it is, I like it.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Loot Crate. It's reasonably priced (one Transformers blind box retails at the same price as the crate itself, US prices) and you get some cool stuff... oh, I nearly forgot, some of the stuff you get is exclusive to Loot Crate. Obviously, for anyone outside the U.S, it costs slightly more to subscribe, however, this is to be expected with the constant rise in international postal prices... seriously, have you tried posting anything abroad, it's ridiculous. Even at the increased price for non-U.S customers it is still well worth the money. Also, the staff are friendly and helpful and, if you look at their, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube you'll see, they love the subject matter just as much as the people subscribing do.

I highly recommend that you head over and give them a go!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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