Thursday, 10 July 2014

Gremlins Remake Actually A Sequel-Reboot...

So, a Gremlins remake is on the way... sort of... Allons-y!

Late on Wednesday night, The Tracking Board announced that Chris Columbus was set to make his return to the Gremlins franchise, stepping in to produce the new film. For those who don't know, Columbus wrote the script for the original film, and, for readers who don't know Gremlins, he directed the first two Harry Potter films.

Adding to the information released Wednesday, Slash Film (/Film) announced, they have a reliable source who revealed that, the previously assumed remake was actually going to be, a sequal style reboot, set 30 years after the original film.

As it was with the 1984 original, the Gremlins reboot will follow a boy who receives a strange pet for Christmas. After, shock horror(!) he breaks 2 of only 3 very specific rules set for it's care, he releases a batch of the critters on the town and, these critters proceed to cause carnage everywhere they go. The original film had a sequel, the 1990 film, Gremlins 2: The New Batch although, at this time, it is unknown as to whether that film will be referenced in the new one.

At this time none of the above information is set in stone, it's just information people have received from 'sources' however, if the information regarding Columbus' involvement is correct, we can hope that this will help alliviate the remake/reboot effect (The remake/reboot effect: Making a crap film because, the makers wish to make a quick buck by using a beloved source material and, they have a lack of knowledge and/or lack of love for the original source material they are using).

What's your thoughts on a Gremlins reboot? Who's your favourite Gremlin? leave me your thoughts below.

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