Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Doctor Who Opening Episode Rough Edit Leaked...

It seems, Steven Moffat's woes continue... Allons-y!

One week ago, scripts for the first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who appeared on the internet. At that point, BBC Worldwide issued a statement, asking fans to assist them in stemming the flow of information. After a brief hullabaloo, the Whoverse went quiet... that was, until yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning, the entire first episode of the new series, found it's way on to the internet. This leaked version is in it's rough, unfinished form, it is in black and white, heavily watermarked and missing special effects.

BBC Worldwide have admitted, this fresh leak, comes from the same Miami server that last weeks script leak originated from, and they have said about the matter, they are looking into it as part of an ongoing investigation.

At the risk of bordering on conspiracy theory territory, it's not the first time things like this have happened to tv shows and films, especially when, hype for said show or film has not been as high as expected.

With just over a month left before the shows opening episode, it leaves plenty of time for more leaked material to surface... Moffat will have to hope BBC Worldwide's internal investigation can put a stop to it soon, otherwise, he'll be wishing he had a TARDIS.

Are you looking forward to this new series? Who is your favourite Doctor? leave me your thoughts below.

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