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Upcoming US TV shows for the 2014/15 season - CBS

Hi there everybody, Jan here again. As I shared with you my 'upcoming US TV shows for the 2014/15 season - The CW', I thought I'd share with you the next post in my series... I hope you enjoy!

Back with the second network's new shows, this time its CBS. I usually like a lot of CBS shows, and the new ones look as though that trend will continue this year! Sadly, CBS doesn't release a lot of information about the shows, and their characters in advance, so I can only give a bare bones outline.


Airing Wednesday 1st October in the US. TBC for the UK.

Ooooooh I'm really looking forward to this!!!! Stalker follows a squad of detectives investigating stalking incidents. From the trailer it looks as if the main character has a secret, and that she may go off on her own crusades against the bad guys she encounters! This was created by Kevin Williamson (Dawson's CreekThe Vampire DiariesThe FollowingScreamScream 2Scream 4I Know What You Did Last Summer) so you pretty much know it will be enjoyable if nothing else! Not much info on the characters yet, sadly, but as a Maggie Q fan I'm just happy she's back on TV after the end of Nikita!

Maggie Q as Lieutenant Beth Davis.

Dylan McDermott as Detective Jack Larsen.

Victor Rasuk as Detective Ben Caldwell.

Mariana Klaveno as Detective Janice Lawrence

Elizabeth Bogush as Amanda Tate

Madam Secretary

Airing on Sunday 21st September in the US. TBC for the UK.

Can't say I'm all that interested in this one....never been one for political shows, not escapist enough for me. However, it has some great cast members, and I know it probably will be interesting, just depends on your viewing tastes. It follows a female Secretary of State, looking at her personal and professional life, and her attempts to juggle the two. Created by Barbara Hall (creator of Joan of Arcadia and a co-exectutive producer on Homeland).


Tea Leoni as Elizabeth Faulkner McCord, the Secretary of State.

Tim Daly as Henry McCord, (most likely) Elizabeth's husband.

Bebe Neuwirth as Nadine Tolliver.

Erich Bergen as Blake Calibrese

Evan Roe as Jason McCord

Geoffrey Arend as Matt Mahoney

Katherine Herzer as Caroline McCord

Patina Miller as Daisy Finch

Sebastian Arcelus  as Jay Whitman

The Odd Couple

Airing sometime in September (but I'm starting to wonder if it will be held back til midseason) in the US. TBC for the UK.

Hmmmm there is an odd lack of information on this one. CBS don't even have it listed on their website, it has no IMDB page and the only real info is a Wiki page. Puzzler....I wonder if it wasn't well loved by critics/network bosses? Wiki says it will air sometime in Sept, but I'm leaning towards this being held til midseason. Obviously, this is a reboot/remake/homage (?) to the classic sitcom from the 70's and 80's (which was inspired by the 1968 movie!). I'm always wary when networks try this, there is such love for classic/cult shows, and people can get really unhappy if the remake isn't abxolutely perfect. Woe betide CBS if they decide to deviate from the original too much! The two mains are talented, comedic performers, but Matthew Perry doesn't have the best luck with sitcoms post Friends. Perry developed and stars in this show, and I am a Perry fan so got my fingers crossed!

Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger, a photography and neat freak who has just been kicked out by his wife.

Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison, a slobby sportswriter, also split with his wife.

CSI: Cyber

No US air date yet, but it will apparently go out when CSI has finished its 15th season in January 2015, in the new Sunday timeslot. TBC for the UK

Here we have another CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin off, the fourth to be exact! A backdoor pilot (is it just me who giggles at that term like a little child??) was shown as part of the 14th season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in April 2014. I stopped watching the original not long after Grissom left, it didn't feel right, so haven't seen the pilot yet. There are virtually no details on the cast and characters, which is somewhat irritating as a blogger! Inspired by the work of producr Mary Aiken, as a cyper-psychologist.


Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan.

Charley Koontz as FBI Tech Specialist Daniel Grummitz.

Battle Creek

No air date as yet that I can find.

I do like a good police procedural, so hopefully I can add this to my viewing list this autumn. Always makes me nervous when there isn't even a tentative air date by this time however, so I'm not getting too attached! This doesn't soumd like anything new or unique really, two cops, with differing attitudes, team up to try to clean up the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. Sounds ok, as I said, nothing new or unique but if its a solid cop show it may be worth a look, if its ever shown! It comes from the creator of Breaking BadVince Gilligan.


Josh Duhamel as Detective Milton Chamberlain.

Dean Winters as Detective Russ Agnew.

Aubrey Dollar as Holly.

Grapevine as Detective Aaron Funkhauser.

Damon Herriman as Detective Niblet.

Janet McTeer as Commander Guziewicz.

Kal Penn as Detective Fontanelle.

Liza Lapira as Jacocks.


Airing Monday 22nd September in the US. No clue when/if the show will air in the UK.

Another one I'm excited for! A genius gathers a group of other geniuses to solve (and by solve I mean hack) computer problems/crimes to save the world. The trailer looks great, I love these type of shows. Whether it does well is another matter, as most shows I love don't do too well on US tv and get canned pretty early! This one was created by Nick Santora.


Elyes Gabel as Walter O'Brien.

Katharine McPhee as Paige Dineen.

Robert Patrick as Agent Cabe Gallo.

Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis.

Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn.

Ari Stidham as Sylvester Dodd.

The McCarthy's

Airing Thursday 30th October in the US. Shockingly enough, no details for the UK!!!!

This should be great, the US does great sitcoms! Set in Boston and revolving around a close knit, sports loving, Irish-Catholic family, sharing a 3 floor house. One family member, Ronny, a young gay man, decides to move out, and has the opportunity to move to Rhode Island. To stop this happening, his dad offers him the job of assistant basketball coach at the high school, causing problems in the family as the other siblings think they deserve the job more. This has a good cast, and great comic material built into the characters and settings! Created by Brian Gallivan.


Tyler Ritter as Ronny McCarthy, a 29 year old gay man, desperate for independance from his close knit family.

Laurie Metcalf as Marjorie McCarthy, the matriarch of the McCarthy family. Ronny is Marjorie's favourite as they watch The Good Wife together.

Jack McGee as Arthue McCarthy, the patriarch of the McCarthy family and a high school basketball coach.

Jimmy Dunn as Sean McCarthy, one of the McCarthy sons.

Joey McIntyre as Gerard McCarthy, one of the McCarthy's sons.

Kelen Coleman as Jackie McCarthy, the sole daughter of the McCarthy;s, who is pregnant.

So that's the CBS round up done....are any of these shows tickling your fancy? How many do you think will survive long enough to get a second season? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

First Image Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman, Age Of Ultron Footage Revealed, Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel...

Comic-Con has again been awash with lots of exclusives, most of which have received positive reception... Well, most of them... Allons-y!

Yes, I may have addes this first as easy blog views... My bad!

The above image, revealed yesterday by Zack Snyder, is the first image of Gal Gadot ( Gisele - Fast & Furious 6 ) in full Wonder Woman costume. The image has received, what you might call, a less than positive reception from people on the internet. People constantly saying she isn't beautiful, she isn't 'Amazonian' enough, she doesn't look like she could fight... In the words of Jan "have they seen her? She's fit!"... Also, she was in the Israeli army d*******s!

Now for some slightly more positively received titbits...

The final panel of theatrical releases at Comic-Con's Hall H was Avengers Age Of Ultron, where they showed the first footage from the film... Sadly I haven't seen it as I wasn't there *crying uncontrollably* ( I shall patiently await my press invite for next year Comic-Con )

At the end of Marvel's Hall H presentation, a video was shown of Chris Pratt and Guardians Of The Galaxy  director James Gunn, talking to one another about, how awesome it would be if they could reveal that the sequel had not only received the greenlight, but also had a release date set for July 28, 2017... Even though I have only seen the trailer for the first one, this news excites me a lot!

This is just a snippet of the many, many, many, stories coming from Comic-Con. When I have read more I shall be revealing my thoughts on some of them.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

McFarlane Halo 4 Series 1 Elite Zealot Action Figure Review

Back in June, whilst shopping at Home Bargains (UK only store to my knowledge), I came across some McFarlane Halo 4 series 1 figures, here is my review of one of them, the Elite Zealot... Allons-y!

Elite Zealot from Halo 4

I realise that Halo 4 Series 1 figures are nothing new, heck, they're probably about 2 years old now however, when you find a figure that is normally £15, brand new in shops for £3, you have to get it and review it for your readers don't you... I mean, it would be rude not to!

The Sculpt

As is!
With a little post processing!

The Zealot stands around 7 inches tall, making it taller than the Master Chief figure... this difference between the two is on par with the game. For Halo 4, the Zealot got a slight redesign and, now has more areas of exposed under armour. When creating this figure, McFarlane have done a great job scultping the body, paying particular attention to both the armour and under armour, giving it all the details it has in the game. The Zealot's mask is removable, revealing it's face. The face sculpt I'll admit, could be done better, it's mandibles, rather than looking like part of the face are, rather obviously, glued on, that said, if you angle it right you eliminate that issue. Also, it's teeth are moulded a little iffy. I'm not sure if it's a sculpt issue or, if it's an issue with the original character design but, the hands struggle to hold the weapon securely. Overall, the sculpt is great, personally, I think it would have been a tad better if it had the face from the Halo Reach Series 6 Elite Zealot however, I'll be displaying it with it's mask so it's not an issue.

The Paintwork

As is!
With a little post processing!

The paintwork, as we have come to expect from McFarlane action figures, is very well done. Unlike most companies who just quickly splash paint on, like Hasbro in my Kurse review, McFarlane use washes to help create depth and show detail. The metallics are nicely done, with it been orange, it could have come out over the top and almost cartoon-like however, it does not. The under armour is nicely painted, it's grey in colour offering, both a good contrast with the orange and, creating depth. Across it's body it has little spots/lines of a light pink to indicate lights emitted from the Zealot's armour, these could have had the appearence of accidental paint splatter, however they don't, it all looks purposfully done. My only gripe is, I personally would have liked to see some drybrushing on the armour to make it worn in appearance, however, it's not a big issue.


As is with almost all McFarlane figures, they have an abundance of articulation, the package for the Zealot boasts 26 moving parts. The head has two areas of articulation. Firstly, you have where the head meets the neck, here you can swivel the head (mainly for when the mask is off), it has some other limited movement also. The second part of head articulation is, where the neck meets the body, this joint can pivot up and down as well as rotate around somewhat... it is a little lacking articulation in the head, however, he is a heavily armoured character so movement would be limited. It's arms offer a great range of movement, it has shoulder joints that can raise and swivel, single elbow joints that can bend and swivel, a forearm cut joint so you can swivel it's hand around, a hinge in the wrist and, it also has articulated fingers. In it's torso it has a ball joint allowing, rotation, limited forward/backward pivot but, it does allow for quite a lot of sideways pivot. It's legs do have articulation at the hips, knees, feets however, each offers somewhat limited rotation and pivot, again though, it's a heavily armoured character who would have limited motion anyway. Overall, the articulation is good and, I would think dynamic poses should be relatively easy to achieve.


As is!
With a little post processing!

The Zealot only comes with two accessories. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier in my review, it comes with a removable helmet because, as we know, the Zealots want to keep their faces pretty. The Zealot's main accessory however is, it's energy sword. The sword is a big improvement on previous energy swords... for one, it actually looks swordlike, the previous energy sword was short and stumpy, this one is longer and pointy. The sculpt of it is very well done, the detailing is amazing, even down to the grip on the handle and, the paint application is neatly done. The blades are made from a translucent plastic, with paint detail to give the effect that it is purely made of energy.


I have yet to find a McFarlane figure that I don't like, so it is no surprise that I like this figure. It looks great, it has a great sculpt and paint application, it offers up a wide range of pose possibities. Even at the stores advertised R.R.P of £9.99, it would be a great purchase. I personally think it's a great addition to a Halo collection, or any collection for that matter.

Do you have this figure? What do you think of it? Are you wanting to get it? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Possible Delay For The Big Bang Theory Series 8

It's possible that, series 8 of The Big Bang Theory  may end up getting delayed... Allons-y!

Reports are circulating on the net that pay negotiations for the new series of, The Big Bang Theory  are going slowly, and this in turn, may delay the shows production...

According to deadline.com, contracts for Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (Penny), Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) and, Kunal Nayyar (Raj) expired at the end of series seven.

With the first script read through set to take place less than a week from today, it is said that pay negotiations are not looking likely to be finished by then.

It is reported that, Parsons, Galecki and, Cuoco-Sweeting (who apparently negotiate together) each earned, a reported $350,000 per episode, for series seven. The same reports also state that, once negotiations are over, these three could possibly be earning $1 million per episode. The shows co-creator, Chuck Lorre is backing his stars with their negotiations, saying "everybody should be very successful, and happy, and rich. They earned it. It's a great cast. Great cast. It's their time"... Frankly, he is right! How many times do talentless actors/acrtresses get pay increases so easily (Kristen Stewart got $12.5 million for each part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn  for f**k's sake!) yet, you have a great cast like this and they're having to fight for it. Also, The Big Bang Theory  is estimated to generate $3 billion in profit... They could afford to pay all 7 of the main cast a million each per episode... It'd be like peeing in the ocean!

On a positive note, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) are already in... However, I haven't heard anything about Kevin Sussman (Stewart), they did burn his comic book shop down, does that mean he isn't coming back?

Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory ? Do you think they should get a pay increase? Leave me your thoughts below.

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S.H.I.E.L.D Recruits Xena

Xena, the warrior princess is heading to Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D... Allons-y!

According to TVGuide.com, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) is going to be kicking arse in series 2 of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lawless, best known for, well, looking like...

...is set to play an undisclosed role for, an undisclosed amount of time... Frankly, the information on this is about as sparse as the outfits in Xena were.

Though details of Lawless' S.H.I.E.L.D stint are unknown, it is known that S.H.I.E.L.D has been looking to fill the recurring role of 'Mary Maloney' a highly skilled agent who can "command any room" and boasts "effortless sex appeal"... Cue internet speculation as to if this is Lawless' role and, more than likely, copius amounts of fanfiction.

What are your thoughts on Lucy Lawless joining S.H.I.E.L.D? Do you think she will be playing Mary Maloney? If not, who do you think she will play? Leave me your thoughts below.

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Upcoming US TV shows for the 2014/15 season - The CW

Jan again! As we're both still poorly with the flu (and a chest infection for me, the asthmatic ME sufferer) we're sharing the posts so we can keep updating without having to stress! Hope you enjoy my first roundup of upcoming shows!

As you may have noticed, I love TV....mostly US shows as they always seem so much glossier and exotic! So, with the Autumn (thats Fall for our American friends!) season starting in the next couple of months, I thought I'd do a quick round up of what to expect. Sadly, most won't make it to a second season, despite the fact that there are some really interesting ideas, like always, the shows won't catch in the first and second ep and thats all the leeway networks give nowadays.....sort out the ratings system America, we like some shows that don't explode straight away! I'll go network by network, and if possible, give you an air date....sadly, as the UK doesn't always get them straight away, I might not be able to give an air date for British TV. If you live elsewhere I apologise for the lack of air dates but I'd never finish the post if I have to search for dates for every country! I'll do a post for each network, as there are many shows and it would be stupidly long! So.....

First up is....CW!

The Flash

Airing Tuesday 7th October in the US, no UK network appears to have grabbed it yet but expect it October/November.

Starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, this is a spin off from the hugely successful Arrow, also on CW, and based on the character of the same name from  DC Comics. From what I've seen, and based on Arrow, this will be goooood. I would think there would be plenty of crossovers between the 2 shows, so that opens up the way for some great eps and story arcs. Granted, I am less fond of DC than Marvel, but the writers have managed to make Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (who, lets face it, has not always been the most loved hero in the DC pantheon) and the show truly great, so it stands to reason that, coming from the same developers, The Flash should also be epic! Developed by Greg BerlantiAndrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns


 Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash,  Central City assistant police forensic investigator, who is hit by lightning following an accident at S.T.A.R Labs when the new particle accelerator is activated. He is left in a coma for months, and when he awakens he has super speed (and abs!).

Candice Patton as Iris West, Barry Allen's best friend....also his future wife in the comics.

Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne.....named after Eobard Thawne, which is the name of supervillain Professor Zoom. Eddie Thawne is a cop, newly arrived to Central City, with a somewhat mysterious past.

Danielle Panabaker as Dr Caitlin Snow, who is a bioengineering expert at S.T.A.R Labs and is in mourning for her fiance, who she believes died during the explosion. The character name is one of the identities of Killer Frost, but whether that is just a nod to the comics or they're going to have Killer Frost on the show, I have no idea!

Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, a mechanical engineer. Another character named for the civillian identity of a comics character, Vibe.

Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, the brains and money man of S.T.A.R Labs. Left in a wheelchair by the explosion (supposedly!) and a social pariah because of the destruction the blast caused. He is not what he first appears to be.....

Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West, Iris' father and a father figure to Barry.

John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen, Barry's father who is in prison for murdering his wife when Barry was a child. Barry knows his father is innocent, as he saw something strange attacking his mother.

Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm, Caitlin's fiance, who she believes died in the explosion.


No air date as yet, so looks like it will be a midseason show.

Another DC Comics related 'loose' adaptation, this one from the Vertigo imprint, this will be somewhat darker than The Flash I'm guessing! Developed by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) and Diane Ruggiero, it stars Rose McIver as Liv, a medical student who also happens to be a zombie. She takes a job in a coroner's office in order to have access to the brains she needs to consume to stay 'alive'. She discovers that she gains people's memories after eating their brains, so uses her 'quirk' to help the police solve murders. Looks good, I don't know anything about the comic its based on so have no idea if it will do it justice. Having seen a rather grainy trailer though, it does look amusing and I hope it gets good support. The CW have been known to cut their losses quickly with particularly niche genre shows so fingers crossed this gets a good chance!


Rose McIver as Olivia 'Liv' Moore, a former medical resident who is unlucky enough to attend a party which ends in a zombie feeding frenzy! Liv takes a job in the Seattle coroner's office to provide her with the ready access to fresh human brains. She discovers that she retains some of the memories from the brains she consumes. She uses this gift to help the police solve murders by pretending she's psychic (maybe I can use this show to ease my devastation over Psych ending?). This gives her the purpose she needs in her un-life.

Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite, Liv's former fiance.

Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux, a homicide detective who works with Liv to solve murders.

David Anders as Blaine DeBeers

TBC as Peyton Charles (Alexandra Krosney was cast in the pilot but the part is being recast), Liv's roommate and best friend.

Nora Dunn as Eva Moore, Liv's mother.

Rahul Kohli as Dr Ravi Chakrabarti, Liv's boss who knows her secret.

The Messengers

Airing Midseason in US, TBC for the UK.

This is one I'm a bit 'meh' about. Its about a mysterious object hitting Earth and a pulse it emits stops the hearts of a group of strangers, with no prior connections between them. They find out that they are responsible for preventing the looming Apocalypse. Also, each has powers, ranging from superstrength to healing powers. Created by Eoghan O'Donnell (a writer for Teen Wolf). This just doesn't really interest me for some reason....maybe its because it sounds like it may go down the religion route, I really can't be bothered with more of that on TV!


Shantel VanSanten as Vera Ivanov, a scientist.

Jon Fletcher as Joshua Simmons Jr, a charismatic televangelist.

Sofia Black-D'Elia as Erin Connors, a young single mother with a violent ex-husband.

JD Pardo as Raul, an undercover federal agent.

Joel Courtney as Peter White, a troubled high school student, struggling with bullies.

Anna Diop as Rose Arvale, a nurse who has been in a coma for seven years.

Diogo Morgado as The Man, a mysterious figure who offers Vera the chance to be reunited with her kidnapped son, but at a cost.

Jane the Virgin

Airing Monday 13th October in the US. TBC for UK.

This one looks really fun! Its a loose adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela called Juana la Virgen  created by Perla Farias, about an extremely religious young woman, who has vowed to save her virginity until she gets married. Which makes the fact that she was accidentally artificially inseminated by a doctor all the more amusing. There are a few trailers on YouTube, and it looks pretty funny, so I'm looking forward to this one! Developed by Jennie Snyder Urman (90210).


Gina Rodriguez as Jane, a religious young Latina woman who is saving her virginity until she marries. She is accidentally artificially inseminated by a doctor.

Justin Baldoni as Rafael, the biological father to Jane's baby. He is a reformed playboy, and a cancer survivor. He also happens to be the new owner of the hotel where Jane works.

Brett Dier as Michael, Jane's patient and loving boyfriend, he is a hardworking detective.

Andrea Navedo as Xiomara, Jane's fun-loving mother who became an unwed mother at 16.

Yael Grobglas  as Petra, Rafael's scheming wife.

Ivonne Coll as Alba, Jane's extremely religious grandmother.

Jaime Camil as Rogelio, a telenovela star and Jane's biological father.

So, there you have it.....next time I'll be doing a round up of CBS' upcoming new shows.

What do you think of these newbies? Let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

* June 2014 Loot Crate: Unboxing And Review

I have to be honest, I've sat staring at my screen for quite some time now, trying to come up with something witty for the opening and, I've got nothing... This is probably due to the fact I am about to open, and review a Loot Crate, I know what the theme is and, this knowledge is causing me to bounce around like a child full of sugar... Allons-y!

Loot Crate is an American Monthly subscription box service. Each months box has a specific theme and is full of both geeky, and gamer goodness. 

The sign up process is easy enough, you just fill in your details, including shirt size (some months you receive a tshirt) and, you choose your subscription option... There are three subscription options: 1 month recurring subscription for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling which you can cancel at any time, recurring 3 month subscription for $55.11 which works out at $12.37 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, and lastly, a recurring 6 month subscription for $105.99 which works out at $11.67 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, for those in the US. British subscribers would pay $29.95/£17.45 including shipping for the 1 month subscription, $84/£48.95 including shipping for the 3 month subscription which works out at $28/£16.32 per month and $162/£94.41 including shipping and handling for the 6 month subscription which works out at $27/£15.73 per month (exchange rates correct at time of writing). If you opt for the 3 or 6 month options, the full amount is charged upfront. As a subscriber, each month you also get entered into the Mega Crate prize draw, which is, as the name would suggest, a vastly larger crate with contents valued at over $750/£437.08.

As I mentioned before, each months box has a specific theme and, the theme for June was... Transform, which can mean only one thing, some Transformers themed contents, Woohoo!!!

The June crate contained an epic tshirt. The shirt features a Transformer, which in itself would be cool, however, the shirt is taken to the next level by the fact that, said Transformer's alternate mode is, a DMC Deloreon and, his name is Marty McPrime... Somewhere, some genius has combined two of my favourite things, Transformers and Back To The Furture. The shirt is great quality, it's comfy, soft but durable, and, the size is good (I'm a little particular with how baggy/tight I like my shirts and this one fits to my liking)... I cannot state enough how epic this shirt is!!!

Next up in the crate was a, Loyal Subjects Transformers 3" Blind Box... more Transformers *happy dance* After excitedly ripping into the box like a child on Christmas morning, I found, I had received Megatron. As suggested by the name, each vinyl figure stands at 3" tall, they have 7 points of articulation and comes with a weapon. The detailing, despite the small size and simplistic nature of vinyl figures, is very nice, they are very accurate to the source material and, the paint application is good. Overall, it's a cool little display piece for any Transformers fan.

I am a fan of gadgets, gizmos, oddities, call them what you will, and, the next item in the create falls nicely into that catagory... It's a HEXBUG Nano Transformers: Lockdown (Innovation First released a Transformers themed line of HEXBUG for Transformers: Age Of Extinction)... HEXBUGs are little, motorized buglike robots that, once you flick the switch to on, they scurry about uncontrollably like bugs. Something tells me this thing will fascinate me for quite some time... on a side note, cats are also fascinated by them, make sure you keep an eye on them though as HEXBUGs are small.

As well as the crates larger items, you also get some smaller items each month. This months smaller items were... A Transformers Autobot symbol sticker (you randomly got either Autobot or Decepticon)... I just need to find the perfect place to stick it now! A Major League Gaming wrist sweatband, perfect for marathon gaming sessions, or, gaming in heatwaves (as we are currently experiencing here in the UK). Some Major League Gaming stickers, containing logos of various teams competing. A voucher for one month of Major League Gaming's GameBattles Premium Access, so you can try their premium service. Some Warhead super sour sweets. The Loot Crate magazine which, last month they trialled doing as a free pdf download, I'm guessing it didn't go well as it's back to a physical copy this month. The last thing I got was, the Loot Crate badge... each month they give you a badge that has an image on symbolising that months theme. Many reviewers don't seem to like the badge, for the life in me, I cannot figure out what their problem with it is, I like it.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Loot Crate. It's reasonably priced (one Transformers blind box retails at the same price as the crate itself, US prices) and you get some cool stuff... oh, I nearly forgot, some of the stuff you get is exclusive to Loot Crate. Obviously, for anyone outside the U.S, it costs slightly more to subscribe, however, this is to be expected with the constant rise in international postal prices... seriously, have you tried posting anything abroad, it's ridiculous. Even at the increased price for non-U.S customers it is still well worth the money. Also, the staff are friendly and helpful and, if you look at their, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube you'll see, they love the subject matter just as much as the people subscribing do.

I highly recommend that you head over and give them a go!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

... Things Wrong With Transformers: Age Of Extinction

It's been a few days since I saw Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Originally I was going to write a review, however, the film physically made my brain hurt... seriously, it gave me such a headache and, I have to admit, I found myself thinking about pulling the pin on one of Lockdown's grenades and embracing it like an old friend... Anyway, instead of writing yet another review that says 'it's c**p!' or 'failure of modern film making!' I figured I'd write a lists of my issues with it... Allons-y!

Before I get into the list, I want to note, I am a huge Transformers fan, I have loved it since I was a small child, which is probably why Bay's treatment of the franchise irks me so. Also, I considered limiting the list to top 10, however, trying to limit it to 10 was nigh on impossible... if you've seen it, you probably know what I mean.

It kinda goes without saying, many spoilers follow!

01. Aliens wiped out the dinosaurs!
Amongst scientists, the top hypothesis about the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs has always been, the asteroid theory. Bay's film, as was the case with Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, rewrites history... the true cause of dinosaurs extinction was in fact, an alien race terraforming the planet, and it's inhabitants, into a malleable metal.

02. Dinobots are from Earth?
Does the Dinobot skeleton in the Arctic, at the start of the film, mean, the Dinobots originated from Earth... then left Earth, then happened to be brought back by Lockdown?

03. Arctic security measures!
The Arctic excavation site at the start of the film holds an amazing scientific discovery, in order to keep this discovery safe, the people behind it have put in place stringent security measures... a fella with a shot gun and a random metal detector that only your honesty stops you skirting around.

04. Optimus at the movies!
How the hell did Optimus end up in the movie theatre? I understand he probably wanted to see a movie, however, there is no visable hole in the walls or roof and, there is no way, in either robot or vehicle mode, that Optimus would fit through the door.

05. Optimus at the movies part 2!
How did the movie theatre owner never notice Optimus until Wahlberg pointed him out?

06. Lockdown can turn into a gun!
Anyone who knows the Transformers franchise will know, Megatron turns into a gun... well, apart from in Bay's films. Instead, Lockdown gets Megatrons alternate form.

07. Field of Lucky Charms!
Why was Lucky Charms hanging around in the field? If Wahlberg's whiny daughter was sneaking off to see him instead of hanging with friends as she stated, surely the safe place to hide would be further, down the long drive out of site of the house.

08. Autobot desert oasis!
I get that the Autobots are hiding from humans, who incidentally, they could easily squish with their little finger... however, what I don't get is, why are they hiding in the desert? Surely two sports cars, a supercar and a military vehicle together would look more out of place there than almost anywhere else.

09. Meet the new bots!
Where did the new bots come from? In previous films new bots arrivals got explained with throw away lines about Optimus' signals etc, in Age Of Extinction, they're just there, deal with it!

10. Bumblebee... you're an a******e!
The new Autobots' attitudes are questionable, however, we have never seen them before in the movie world, that could be what they are like... What I do have issue with is Bay turning Bumblebee into a Autobot version of Sam Witwicky.

11. Needlessly killing Ratchet (and others)!
In Dark Of The Moon, Bay started a new trend of needlessly killing off Autobots. In Age Of Extinction, he takes it up a notch killing (mainly off screen), almost all Autobots from previous films. It seems to be he is trying to create shocks however, he has no idea how to do this so is trying to go down the over done, kill off a big character route.

12. Drift, you German made Samurai, you!
I understand, having received an explanation from the first film that, the Autobots 'learned Earth language through the world wide web', that this is why Drift speaks like an American films interpretation of a Samurai. I can also sort of understand that when they are in robot mode, their appearance is somewhat dictated by the parts available from their vehicle and thus, he looks like a Samurai. What puzzles me is, why does he turn into a German car and, not only that, one that isn't known for it's drifting ability. It's probably just me this bothers, but surely, if you are going to have a Asian character with a name relating to a style of driving, you could find something that fits... like say, any Nissan Skyline ever made.

13. Drift copter!
If Drift can have two alternate modes (Bugatti and a copter), how come this hasn't shown up before... or even been mentioned before?

14. Wahlberg's daughter!
She's like a female Sam Witwicky... that's all I really need to say.

15. Wahlberg's daughter part 2!
She is supposed to be in high school, and, probably under the legal age of consent in most places (minimum American school leaving age is 16 and, in Texas age of consent is 17)... so obviously, Bay keeps focusing close up on her arse in ridiculously short shorts... I am in no way a prude, it just seems weird to me this 49 year olds obsession with putting underage characters in such outfits/positions.

16. Do you want to buy a robot (feel free to sing to the tune of Do You Want To Build A Snowman)
Stanley Tucci's characters big idea in the film, is to create robots, based on the Robots that destroyed cities in 3 previous films, and sell them to people... what the hell?

17. Transformium!
Transformium... That's up there with Avatar's Unobtanium for s**t names!

18. Megatron transferred to Galvatron!
How did Megatron's severed head, with no access to his Spark (a Transformers soul/essence), transfer said essence to Galvatron to be reborn?

19. All Chinese people know kung Fu!
In Bay's mind, all Chinese people seem to know Kung Fu.

20. Lockdown's ship hidden by clouds!
For quite a portion of the film, Lockdown's ship is hidden from us mere mortals by... clouds. How did he know to pick that day, did he check the weather forcast first?

21. Lockdown's human friendly weapons!
Lockdown's ship happens to contain weapons small enough for Wahlberg and Lucky Charms to use... that's lucky isn't it!

22. Gravity defying ship... no match for cables!
In order to buy time to escape Lockdown's ship, which is firing up it's dark matter drive to leave Earth, the Autobots fire mooring cables into skyscrapers in downtown Chicago (poor Chicago, hit again by bots!). These cables are enough to hold the ship in in place, this is despite the fact that said ship, later in the movie, effortlessly lifts cargo ships, Autobots, cars, buildings etc, before dropping them.

23. Chicago... just get on with it and ignore that ship!
Chicago, the scene of the final battle in Dark Of The Moon gets hit again in this outing. You would have thought, after last time, when they see a large ship in the sky they would maybe run away... you'd be wrong. In some scenes, when the ship is clearly visable there are people merrily going about their business.

24. Lockdown's ship really the TARDIS!
Lockdown's escape pod/ship happens to be his trophy case? Anyway, that's not the point I'm making. When the Autobots are hanging out of the back of the escape ship, there isn't much room for them, yet the Dinobots, who are considerably larger than them, are caged up in there? How?

25. Optimus Prime enslaves the Dinobots!
Optimus Prime, the number one proponent for freedom, enslaves the Dinobots for his own (and their future) benefit... WTF!

26. Wahlberg has Tucci's number!
Wahlberg calls Tucci and talks him into switching sides... how did Wahlberg get the number? Is there a 15 minute cut scene where he phones reception, they put him through to Tucci's secretary and she puts him on hold?

27. Wahlberg kills CIA assassin!
In a rather bizarre fight, Wahlberg manages to kill, a highly trained CIA assassin using an American football for distraction... did I miss the part where it was revealed Wahlberg was a former agent or fighter?

28. Optimus' rockets
If Optimus had rockets, and the ability to fly into space all along, why didn't he just fly the bomb into space and detonate it? It would have made the movie shorter at the very least.

29. Here, have some Dinobots...
Most of the movies hype revolved around the inclusion of the Dinobots. Why was it then that we only got them for around 15 minutes at the end?

30. This is a 12A right?
The death toll in this film has increased from previous films, so too has the severity of the deaths. Take for example the immolation of TJ Miller... did they forget this was a family film, based on a childrens toy line?

I best stop there otherwise, I may go on for a while...

There you have it, a few of my issues with Transformers: Age Of Extinction. What issues did you have with the film? Leave me your thoughts below.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

TV Shows that I want back Episode 1 - Psych

So... Ian is still battling man-flu... As I am female and can still function whilst suffering from flu (and chest infection... and M.E), I thought I'd share with you, the first in my ongoing series regarding, needless cancellations of TV shows.

I love TV....mostly US shows. British comedy is better obviously which is why a lot of the US shows I love were cancelled, maybe the American viewing public don't like it! Crime shows and sci-fii/supernatural are usually my favourites, British version just aren't as slick....they seem more realistic which I don't like! Same for books....just seems more glamourous is US cities with an American accent for some reason! Thankfully, a lot of my favourite shows have been renewed....Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Originals, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries (but I love the books more....well only the ones written by LJ Smith, the ones by a ghostwriter after they kicked Smith off her own book series do not exist in my world), Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, Arrow, Mom, The Goldbergs, The Millers, Brooklin Nine-Nine and SVU.

So, with all that in mind here is episode 1 of  the shows I want back! Some are old, some are not....

Psych 2006-2014

Evil evil people taking Psych away from me!!!! Never ever will I recover *sob*

As you can see I am a 'Psycho'....in more ways than just the usual! I think its my favourite ever show....have just loved every second of it right from the start. Now, I'm sure part of the reason behind the cancellation is the cast's wishes to try new things, but its not as if they did a full network season length! I'm pretty sure most Psychos would have been quite happy to have a couple of slightly longer eps a year, which would free up a lot of time for everyone. Ala, they just cancelled....the most successful USA network show ever I think, still getting huge ratings. Sense? Makes none. I am broken hearted.

Of course I am!

Now, for anyone who has missed out on a genius show, Psych is a comedy buddy detective show. The main character is Shawn Spencer, who, thanks to his copper dad Henry Spencer, has extraordinary observation skills. Henry had hoped that Shawn would follow him into the family business of law enforcement, but Shawn rebels due to a breakdown in their relationship following Henry's divorce from Shawn's mum, Maddy. Each ep opens with a flashback to Shawn's childhoodShawn likes to think he is nothing like his father, but in reality, as Lassie says in Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark in season 4, they are in fact the same person! In order to carry on informing Santa Barbara PD of the culprits of unsolved crimes, without being arrested and charged as an accessory to said crimes, he claims he is psychic therefore explaining his ability to solve crimes! He drags his childhood best mate, Gus, into the scheme and opens a psychic detective agency. For the next 8 years they get up to many hijinks and solve countless crimes!

Shawn and Gus with the famous Psych Pineapple!

Now the character bios....

Shawn Spencer - James Roday

Born in 1977 to Henry and Madeleine Spencer. He runs from any commitment, until he meets and falls in love with Jules. He treats his best mate Gus somewhat badly, but underneath he loves him very much. He starts the show disliking his father and butting heads with him regularly. His carefree attitude persists in front of all, except Gus in very serious circumstances. He can make friends immediately after meeting people, and can talk his way into anywhere which frustrates the straitlaced Lassie immensely. He appears to have supreme self confidence and never admits to being wrong, he loves to be the centre of attention. In the last episode he follows Jules and the Chief up to San Francisco and finally proposes to Jules. He leaves behind video messsages for all his friends where he reveals that he isn't psychic.

Burton 'Gus' Guster - Dule Hill

Shawn's best friend since infancy, Gus provides the straight man to Shawn's comedic persona. He is said to be academically gifted and still shows signs of nerdiness despites Shawn's childhood attempts to destroy any chance of advancing. His parents are overprotective and don't approve of Shawn as they think he's a bad influence on Gus. They treat him like a child until the ep 'Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy' in season 2  when they finally seem to see him as a grown man. That is until he leaves the room and they promptly give Shawn money and tell him to look after Gus. He has terrible taste in women, and its a running joke that he is attracted to crazy women. He even married one when he was in college, and extremely drunk. He has no idea they are still married until she wants to annul their marriage in order to marry again. Sadly, Gus remains mostly single throughout the show's run, despite being desperate for a girlfriend. Gus' main job is a pharmaceutical rep, which provides him with a vast knowledge of drugs and poisons, which he uses to help cases. His company car is nicknamed 'The Blueberry' and survives various accidents and Shawn's attempts at modifications. He displays varied interests throughout the series, such as safe cracking, spelling bees, trains, coins, astronomy, tap dancing and a cappella. He eventually follows Shawn to San Francisco in the last episode, hinting that Psych will continue there.

Carlton Jebediah 'Lassie' Lassiter - Timothy Omundson

Lassie is the uptight Head Detective who provides the serious and inept character for Shawn to humiliate and antagonise. In reality, Lassie is a solid cop, just lacking in imagination and the ability to think outside the box, which means that he never beats Shawn to the solve. He is very conservative, loves guns and other weaponry and is unlucky in love thanks to his straitlaced personality. Lassie finally meets a woman in a bar in 'This Episode Sucks' in season 6, while he is drowning his sorrows and depressing and scaring the bartender in equal measure. He falls almost immediately in love with her and is heartbroken to find out she has sneaked out of the toilets while he waited for her return. He orders McNab to find all he can on her, only to be disappointed when he finds nothing. Eventually he realises that she touched his watch and left a fingerprint. Thanks to this he finds out that her name is Marlowe Viccellio, and later that she is also a suspect in the crime he is investigating. It transpires that Marlowe was trying to help her ill younger brother by providing him with blood that he could transfuse himself with. She is arrested, convicted and sentenced to a number of months in jail. Lassie visits her and tells her he will wait for her and the couple eventually marry and have a daughter together. At the end of the final season, Lassie is promoted to Chief when Karen Vick moves to San Francisco. Watching Shawn's farewell dvd, he stops it before Shawn can admit he is not a psychic and destroys the disc, thus finally showing his love and respect for Shawn.

Juliet Lynn 'Jules' O'Hara Maggie Lawson

Jules first appears in the second episode of season 1 as Lassie's new partner, thanks to Shawn outing Lassie's relationship with his previous partner Lucinda Barry. She is a junior detective and has transferred from Miami. It turns out that Jules scored very highly on her detectives exam, beating Lassie and seeming quietly proud. She and Lassie are both astounded to learn that Shawn scored a perfect 100 on the test when he was just 15, beating both Jules and Lassie. Throughout the show there is the promise of a romance between Shawn and Jules, with Shawn being obviously in love with her from the start. Jules has a brother, Ewan, played by wrestler John Cena, who is a high ranking army officer who seems to be a part of the secret services. Jules has to arrest her brother in the ep 'You Can't Handle This Episode' in season 4 but he is 'disappeared' by the army before he can be prosecuted. Her father, Frank O'Hara played by the one and only William Shatner, is a seasoned con artist who Jules hasn't seen since she was a child. Thanks to Shawn's well meaning intervention, Jules and her father are reconciled and part on good terms. Jules eventually admits her feelings for Shawn, and despite a few false starts, the couple start a relationship and become serious quickly, deciding to move in together in the second ep of season 7, 'Juliet Takes a Luvvah'. Later in season 7, during Lassie and Marlowe's wedding reception in 'Deez Nups', Juliet starts to notice flaws in Shawn's explanations and finally realises he isn't psychic. For the next few eps Shawn and Jules are apart as Juliet feels betrayed by Shawn. She finally realises that he can do a lot of good with his masquerade, and the couple reunite. Jules eventually decides to leave SBPD an follow the former Chief to San Francisco to become Head Detective, leaving Shawn behind to decide when he was ready to follow. In the final ep Jules accepts Shawn's marriage proposal after he leaves everything behind in Santa Barbara to be with her.

Henry William Spencer Jr - Corbin Bernsen

Henry is Shawn's father, and ex-detective with the SBPD, who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. So much so that he trained him from an early age to improve his observational skills. The episodes mostly start with a flashback to Shawn's childhood, showing an aspect of either his training or his dad teaching him an important lesson, which always tied into the episodes storyline. Shawn and Henry have a complex relationship at the start of the show, with Shawn feeling that his dad is too rigid and demanding, and blaming Henry for his parent's divorce. In the first ep of season 3, 'Ghosts', Shawn finally learns the true cause of the marriage breakdown. His mother left his father, but Henry tried to preserve Shawn's image of his mother as perfect to minimise the pain. Following this the two are on much steadier ground and there is a great love between the two. They are also extremely alike in many ways, much to their distaste, and Shawn turns to him for help in his cases often. By the end of the show, Henry has decided to become a professor but shows interest in taking over the Psych office from Shawn and Gus when they leave for San Francisco.

Other notable characters are Officer Buzz McNabChief Karen VickDr Woodrow 'Woody' StrodeMadeleine SpencerAbigail LytarMary LightlyMr YangMr Yin and Pierre Despereaux.

I love this show and watch it repeatedly and obsessively! I want it back!!!!

Thanks for popping by!


Cast photo as only Psych can do it....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction - review

Hello its me again! Still ill with the flu, but having endured this 'film' last night I thought I'd share my review with Ian's readers!

Well, what can I say about Transformers 4? Actually quite a lot, and little of it complimentary! I'm not really a fan of Michael Bay to begin with, even less so now. Sadly, I am a fan of the franchises he's turned into films....which leaves me permanently frustrated and unsatisfied. As to the first 3 Transformers movies, loved 1, still kinda loved 2 and was underwhelmed by 3. Now, I should also say that part of the reasons for my dissatisfaction was Shia LaBeouf and the character of Sam Witwicky. The character worked for me in the first film, but it started going downhill from there. There was no character development, no likability or worthiness about Sam by the end. He was just a spoilt brat who had received amazing opportunities and thought that meant that the world owed him a living. I did, however, like the female characters, and the other supporting cast. The girls were really the true heroes for me, they stuck around and fought because it was the right thing to do, unlike Sam who whined and bitched the whole time. Yet, as is Bay's MO, he treated the women like eye candy. As far as he's concerned its the manchildren that matter. Pfft.

Now, onto Age of Extinction. I hated almost everything about it. Without giving away too many spoliers, Bay carries on what he started in Dark of the Moon. Namely needlessly slaughtering beloved Autobots.....Ian and I still haven't recovered from the loss of Ironhide!! We also never find out what happened to many of our old favourites, and we're presented with a mostly new Autobot team, with no explanation as to why/where etc. There isn't much of a coherent story, mostly just an excuse to have a looooooong film made up of CGI and action. Which would be fair enough if the story was there. It isn't. Luckily we have Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci to at least rescue part of the film with their performances. Wahlberg's Cade is intelligent and USEFUL, he doesn't whine at the inconvenience of helping Optimus and the Autobots save HIS planet and HIS daughter....who, by the way, is irritating as hell. Here she's just eye candy, whiny eye candy at that. There are many many MANY gratuitous arse shots. Her Irish boyfriend is more likable, and a bit more useful, as is Wahlberg's employee/friend/pain in his arse, though he is woefully underused. Bay has upped to violence quotient here too, including human casualities. Not content with people dying in the background of shot, or relatively quickly and painlessly, not we see some pretty serious death scenes. I'm aware that he's trying to create a darker tone, with Optimus' optimism and humanity severely dampened, but its heavy handed at the very least. As for Bay's usual stylised shots, and the usual underlying plot points of father/daughter dynamics, well they're all present and accounted for! The kiss with the sun shining between the characters as they come together? Check. There are also too many scenes which have blatantly been included for 3D showings, which look somewhat odd when not viewed in 3D. There are virtually identical shots of characters being ejected from Bumblebee, flying through the air, and being caught as there have been in the other films. Not to mention the fact that we're supposed to believe that when Optimus or Bee catches people when they fall without snapping their necks on impact. Oh, and the falling debris managing not to leave a scratch on them. Finally, of course, the eye candy blonde, Tessa, still looking perfect and immaculately made up, with just the most subtle sheen of perspiration on her face, and not a single hair out of place....nor her wonderfully coordinated outfit, which she happened to manage to steal, (yet still didn't get any practical clothes for running for her life) natch, being particularly mussed. Any woman knows that the slightest gust of wind destroys your careful hair do, any heat or perspiration eventually conspires to make your make up slide right off your face and if you wear pale colours you WILL get filthy simply by standing in an empty room. Perhaps Michael Bay has an alternative future in hair and make up innovation, or the development of an alien proof laundry process....cos he sure as hell can't direct!!!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Doctor Who Opening Episode Rough Edit Leaked...

It seems, Steven Moffat's woes continue... Allons-y!

One week ago, scripts for the first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who appeared on the internet. At that point, BBC Worldwide issued a statement, asking fans to assist them in stemming the flow of information. After a brief hullabaloo, the Whoverse went quiet... that was, until yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning, the entire first episode of the new series, found it's way on to the internet. This leaked version is in it's rough, unfinished form, it is in black and white, heavily watermarked and missing special effects.

BBC Worldwide have admitted, this fresh leak, comes from the same Miami server that last weeks script leak originated from, and they have said about the matter, they are looking into it as part of an ongoing investigation.

At the risk of bordering on conspiracy theory territory, it's not the first time things like this have happened to tv shows and films, especially when, hype for said show or film has not been as high as expected.

With just over a month left before the shows opening episode, it leaves plenty of time for more leaked material to surface... Moffat will have to hope BBC Worldwide's internal investigation can put a stop to it soon, otherwise, he'll be wishing he had a TARDIS.

Are you looking forward to this new series? Who is your favourite Doctor? leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.