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Top 10 Superhero Movie Duels

Today, I take a look at my (current) Top 10 Superhero Movie Duels... Allons-y!

Before I get into it, I want to point out a couple of things about the list... Firstly, each movie selected had to be a live action movie, and, each movie has to have been released on DVD, to reduce the chances of it containing too many spoilers, so, I have had to exclude the likes of, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Now... On with the list.

Hardy's 'Bane', punishing Bale's 'Batman' for, that voice!

10. Batman Vs Bane: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Somewhat of an ultimate showdown for DC fans, we kick things off with Batman Vs Bane, finally battling it out on the big screen (we'll ignore Batman & Robin, and, those nipples). While the sheer brutality of the physically imposing, impervious to pain, Bane (ha, that rhymed, I'm so easily pleased) is enough to get this showdown onto the list, the reason I have put it on, possibly somewhat controversially, is the fact that Bane kicks Bat's behind (trying to be as PG as possible here folks). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of Batman, always have been, however, that voice, the voice that is parodied so much (non better than Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory) is, unforgivable. Besides, Bat's wins at the end of the film, retires? with Catwomen and, lives happily ever after... Until the Ben Affleck, Batman universe starts that is.

"hey dude, this is no cartoon"

09. Turtles Vs Shredder: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - After defeating hordes of Foot Soldiers, the heroes in a half shell find themselves face to face with Shredder atop a New York City Building. Despite the speed in which they fling insults, such as Michelangelo's 'I bet he never has to look for a can opener', their speed, and skill fighting, one by one, and, as a team, are sadly no match for Shredder whom, has a mastery of Ninjutsu on par with that of Master Splinter, who, thankfully turns up just in time to save the day. Whilst the fight is fairly one sided, with the heroes getting their shells handed to them on a platter, their quick wit, unwillingness to give up, and, my general nostalgia for this film get it onto my list.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman!

08. Batman Vs Catwoman: Batman Returns (1992) - Less like a fight, more like rough foreplay for this pair (cue awkward conversations with some parents!), number 8 on my list is Batman Vs Catwoman from Batman Returns. During an attack on Gotham by the Red Triangle Gang (sworn enemies of the Green Circles and Yellow Squares), Catwoman blows up the bottom floor of a store, belonging to, the boss of her alter ego, Selina Kyle. This action, puts her into conflict with Batman for the first time, and, they fight it out on some rooftops. During this battle, Catwoman makes good use of Batman's unwillingness to hit women, however, eventually his hand is forced, when, stabbed in the abdomen, he swipes at Catwoman, knocking her from the roof, into a open backed lorry containing kitty litter, losing her the second of her nine lives, and, making her leather all dusty. Whilst nostalgia also played a part in this selection, this duel could have made it purely on the merits of the fight, Catwoman's seduction of Batman, playing his morals against him, and, an ammusing moment with Catwoman on a near vertical roof, scrambling, somewhat reminiscent of cats on freshly polished floors.

Nomak really enjoyed his Strawberry Daiquiri!

07. Blade Vs Nomak: Blade II (2002) - Human/vampire hybrid, Blade faces off against, the Reaper (an evolved Vampire, who feeds off Vampires and humans) Nomak, at number 7 on my list. The culmination of a family fued (granted, his dad was a massive... naughty person, experimenting on him as a child), Blade and Nomak battle it out, but not before, Nomak has ripped his father's throat out (ok this entry isn't very PG), and, bitten his sisters (whom Blade has a soft spot for), effectively, condeming her to death. In a rather bizarre situation for Blade, he very rarely has the upper hand during this, extremely violent confrontation with Nomak. That is, not until he realises where Nomak's armour like skeleton has a gap, leaving access to his heart. Blade uses this chink in Nomak's armour to his advantage, and, promtly stabs him through the heart, ending his reign of terror against the world (technically, Nomak finishes himself off, he shoves the blade the last of the way).

06. Wolverine Vs Lady Deathstrike: X-Men II (2003) - Until meeting Lady Deathstrike in X2, Wolverine had thought, with his regenerative abilities, superhuman strength and Adamantium skeleton (to name a few of his powers), he was one of a kind... oh, how wrong he was. With powers that rival that of his, Lady Deathstrike also has to her advantage, superior speed, martial arts skills, and, 10 extending Adamantium claws that would make Freddy Krueger green with envy. Despite Lady Deathstrike's obvious size disadvantage, she has the upperhand for quite a portion of the fight, constantly surprising Wolverine with her speed, strength and resilience. Wolverine only manages to overcome this formidable adversary by, pumping her full of Adamantium, turning her into an oversized paperweight.

General Zod wants to know, "do I have something  in my teeth?"

05. Superman Vs General Zod: The Man Of Steel (2013) - The final showdown in Zack Snyder's 2013 reboot of the Superman franchise, comes in at number 5. The destruction caused whilst they work out their issues, is on a par with that of a whole Michael Bay film, and, it doesn't just take place on land. During this, near 10 minute battle, they duke it out in the streets, in the air, and, they even take their fight into space. On a side note, during this duel, the LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises logos make apperences, paving the way for future apperances (which are now confirmed with, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice). The sheer visuals, and brute force of this land/aerial/space slugfest get it onto my list... it would have got a higher ranking than number 5 if, it wasn't for Superman killing Zod at the end. now, I realise that Zod was about to kill people, however, Superman doesn't kill and he could have thrown him away from the people or subdued him somehow.

Abomination, always working with the photographer, "this is my good side"

04. Hulk Vs Abomination: The Incredible Hulk (2008) - Bruce Banner's alter ego Hulk facing off against Abomination in, 2008's The Incredible Hulk takes my number 4 spot. The culmination of Emil Blonsky's obsession with gaining Hulk's power, Abomination is a result of Blonsky receiving a combination of super soldier serum and gamma radiation. When the might of the US military proves ineffective against Abomination, Bruce Banner drops, parachuteless from a helicopter, hoping the fall will trigger his change... thankfully it does and, battle ensues. Due to the size, and strength of the combatants, their fight through Harlem, causes quite a lot of damage, mainly, due to the fact that each uses, anything and everything, they find to hand, to throw at, and, hit each other with... there's a point where Hulk, is wearing a police car as a pair of boxing gloves. It's not as skilled fight as many on this list, however, the sheer force of these two get it onto the list, also, Hulk gets to say his, not very witty, but, to the point catchphrase "HULK SMASH!" during the fight, so that's a bonus!

Doc Ock... How does he put that coat on?

03. Spider-Man Vs Doc Ock: Spider-Man 2 (2004) - Following a failed experiement, which involved, the wearing of robotic tenticle arms which possess artificial intelligence, like you do, and, the death of his wife, Dr Otto Octavius becomes the villian, Dr Octopus (Doc Ock). Doc Ock abducts Mary Jane, after throwing a car at her and Peter through a coffee shop window, forcing Spidey to track him to the top of a bell tower. The battle quickly starts with each combatant trading blows and, both using a clock hand as a projectile weapon. Quickly the battle tumbles down to one of the city's trains, the pair battle on top, on the side and, through the train. Doc Ock fights dirty throughout, throwing people off the train, forcing Spidey save them. When these tactics don't work for Doc Ock, he resorts to destroying the trains brakes before fleeing, leaving Spidey to have to save the train full of people.

Zod, Ursa and Non... proving, there are people like Gwyneth Paltrow on Krypton
naming kids!

02. Superman Vs General Zod, Ursa and Non: Superman II (1980-1981) - Nostalgia strikes again at number 2 on my list. Having given up his powers to have a mortal life with Lois, Clark Kent is forced to undo his transformation at his, Fortress Of Solitude when, General Zod, Ursa and Non take over control at the White House. In a rather polite invertation to do battle, Superman shows up at the Daily Planet and, utters the somewhat iconic line, "general, would you care to step outside?". After a brief tantrum, demanding Superman kneel before him, Zod, Ursa and Non fly out after Superman and the battle begins. The first few moments of the battle are relatively aerial, with each of Superman's adversaries attacking him, one by one. That is, until Zod realises Superman's feeling for humans and, he, and his cohorts proceed to endanger people as a means to distract Superman. For some time after, Superman has to fend off attacks from the dastardly trio, whilst also protecting people from fire, explosions, falling debris, and, a whole host of other things caused by Zod and pals. During one of Superman's attempts to save people on a bus that Non and Ursa throw, it appears as though Superman has finally met his maker. This causes the people in the streets to pick up arms and, make a move for Zod, Ursa and Non. Managing to escape the wreckage, Superman emerges to see what the people are doing and, realising that fighting in Metropolis, will cause unimaginable damage and, endanger the lives of people further, he comes to the decision that, the only way to stop Zod and his gang, is to lure them to the Fortress.

Thor, rather helpfully charging Iron Man's iPhone!

01. Iron Man Vs Thor: The Avengers (2012) - To anyone that knows me, this is probably not a surprise. Number one on my list is, rather oddly, a battle between, two good guys, both trying to do 'good' things. Having gone to Germany and, assisted Captain America in capturing Loki, Iron Man, Cap, and their prisoner, Loki are getting transported back to the Helicarrier when they get a visit from a god. Thor has come to take Loki, and the Tesseract, back to Asgard, to put an end to yet another of Loki's schemes. Due to Thor and Iron man/Tony Stark's nature, this causes a little friction between the two at first, and, they end up leveling quite a few trees trying to sort their differences. The fight starts, as is usually the case with Iron Man, with some witty, sarcastic remarks made towards the god of thunder. Clearly this displeases Thor, as, Iron Man soon has a meeting with Mjolnir. Despite the fact that Thor, is a god, Iron Man manages to hold his own, matching the blonde giant blow for blow, at one point, Iron Man's is armour supercharged thanks to a blast of lightning from Thor, giving him a slight advantage. The fight doesn't stay on the ground either, with the pair, careening through the air, trade blows, scrapping up a sheer rock face before, hurtling back to the ground. The two continue to work out their differences, even exchanging headbutts amongst other things, but, before long, Cap steps in, like a responsible parent braking up fueding siblings and, the fun is over.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Superhero Movie Duels. What's you favourite duel? leave me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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