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Thor: The Dark World - Kurse 3 3/4 Inch Action Figure Review

A little while back, in a 'coming soon' post, you may remember I mentioned reviewing a Thor: The Dark World - 3 3/4 inch Kurse action figure, today, finally, I review it... Allons-y!

Now, I don't know about you but, when I watched Thor: The Dark World, I was more intrigued by Kurse than I was by Malekith, I figured it was because he looked awesome although, truth be told, it may be down to Christopher Eccleston's inability to act different ever, actually, I'll give him his due, he wasn't bad in Doctor Who... anyway, when I saw Kurse at my local Toys R Us for a couple of quid, I had to pick him up.

Kurse, in the comics is an Asgardian trapped in a suit of amour, a giant gold and red suit of armour... think, if Hulk and the Predator had a baby, and the offspring had an Iron Man suit, that's pretty much what it looks like...

Kurse from the comics...
Hulk and the Predator must be such proud parents!

 Thankfully, the makers of The Dark World decided to shy away from this and, they gave him a more live action friendly look...

Kurse in The Dark World...

The Sculpt

Admittedly, I am not sure if Kurse is supposed to have armour or if his flesh is armour like, a bit like Hulk, except more weathered and stonelike in appearance, all I do know is, Hasbro have done a damn fine job matching the on screen incarnation of Kurse. His plated, stonelike flesh (that's what I've decided it is, for now) is sculpted very similar to how it appears on screen, even including scratches and scars on his flesh. His armour plates on his shoulders are sculpted quite nicely, although, and this is probably only an issue for me, he doesn't have the same number of spikes on his shoulders that he does in the film, nor are they the same shape, granted, they couldn't be as spiked as in the film for fear of kids, or some adults such as myself, taking an eye out on them. His head sculpt, while good is a little off, to me, something just doesn't seem right with it. Overall though, the sculpt of the figure is very good.

The Paintwork

Kurse's paintjob is my largest bugbear with the figure. In The Dark World, Kurse is relatively monochrome so, shadows play a large part in showing depth and shape. When a figure is relatively monochrome, drybrushing and washes need to be used in order to achieve a realistic look, they don't seem to have bothered when it came to the figure. The majority of the figure is done with one shade of grey, with nothing really to highlight the cracks and creases in his skin. His horns and spikes have had a creamy, yellow colour drybrushed over them to try give the illusion that they are real horns, however, they are far too yellow, especially when you compare them with the film.

Now, the face... As you can see above, in the film, Kurse's face and shoulders have hints of red, when it came to the figure, as you can see...

Hasbro seemed to have had an abundance of red left after painting Spider-Man figures so, decided to just slap that on with no regard for shading, or accuracy... In the words of the legend that is Stan Lee 'nuff said!'


As we have come to expect nowadays from Hasbro's 3 3/4 inch figures, articulation is somewhat lacking, especially compared to their larger figures. His arms have a decent range of motion, they move out as well as foreward and backward with relative ease, he also has elbow joints which are certainly needed when it comes to posing as he doesn't have any wrist articulation which, considering his accessory, is poor. His head is on a ball joint so it offers the usual range of motion, although, his horns can limit this somewhat. His hips are ball jointed however, his sculpt infringes on the range of movement you can get out of them. His knees are single jointed as opposed the the double jointed knees that you get with most of the 6 inch figures and some of the older 3 3/4 inch figures. The lack of articulation means you have to get a little creative in order to pose him well.


All of Hasbro's 3 3/4 inch figures come with accessories, and Kurse, sort of keeps up the tradition. Whereas Thor comes with his hammer and Loki comes with his frost dagger... Kurse, Kurse comes with a tiny ball. This tiny ball is supposed to represent Kurse's black hole granades, which are kinda awesome, however, due to the fact that the source material is a ball with nothing much to identify what it is, the resulting accessory is, well, a tiny ball.


This figure is decent enough. It is in no way, up to the standard of Hasbro's 6 inch scale figures, however, it never will be, these figures are designed to be Hasbro's 'pocket money range' so, cheaply made and relatively cheaply sold, having said that, I got this on sale for less than £3, however, it didn't show the original price so I had to check online, and, most places seem to be selling it for around £10 which is a little steep for 'pocket money' range. Overall, if you a fan of the film, or a fan of Marvel in general, it's certainly worth you considering picking up if you too find it on offer somewhere, I personally don't think it's worth it's full RRP, especially when for not much more, you can presently pick up Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Ultimate Green Goblin build-a-figure, figures at Toys R Us.

Do you have this figure? What are your thought? Are you wanting to get it? Leave me your comments down below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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