Monday, 9 June 2014

Mr.Nutcase Custom Mobile Phone Cases: A Review

I've had my iPhone 4s case from Mr.Nutcase for a couple of weeks now, testing it out, so it's about time for my review... Allons-y!

Before I get into my review properly, in the interest of full transparency, like Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four full transparency, I was given a case in return for a honest review of their products.

Anyway, now that is out of the way, and now that I've made a mental note to watch the Fantastic Four films, they may be a bit naff but I like em! on with the review...

Mr.Nutcase is an online retailer of cases for various brands of mobile phones and tablets. You have the option of selecting either, one of their designs, a design uploaded by someone who is part of their 'artist affiliate' program (anyone can join... that is the extent of my knowledge about that I'm afraid), or, you can create your own design. When selecting my case, I perused through the quite extensive list of models that they cater for. I have to admit though, I was a little disappointed to find that quite a large portion of this list stated 'no cases available'. Now, this may purely mean that they are out of stock or, it could be they are models that they are getting soon so are adding to to site ready, I don't know... if I hear why then I shall add an addendum to this post. When you pick your phone you then get to choose your style of case, you can go for 'ultra light weight slimline' which is priced at £14.95, 'executive flip leather style' priced at £19.95, or, 'full wrap around premium edition' sadly I couldn't find any available to find out the price.

I selected my iPhone 4s a 'ultra light weight slimline' and proceeded onto the designing phase, rather than using a ready made design I chose to design my own. When you design your own case, you get to choose from 19 layout designs. These layout designs range from the standard single photo, to a half love heart made of 26 images, they do both halved, so you and a loved one can have a whole heart made from images of you both... I decided to go for one large image to see how some of my photography would fair on it, this is the image I chose (part of)...

Once you have selected your image, you can adjust the size and position of it, and, you also have the option of adding text and/or some clipart, you can even change the background colour if you wish. The whole design process is really very simple, it is all simply a case of dragging and dropping elements on your case design. Once your design is finished, you preview it to make sure you have it just as you wish then you go to the final phase, the checkout. I won't bore you with the details, it's all very easy and self explanatory, what I will say though is, at the end of this review, there is a code for you to put in during the checkout phase to get 10% off a case. I found delivery to be very quick, they shipped my order the next working day after I ordered it and, I received my case the day after that.

When you use a company that provides services like this for the first time, you are always a little apprehensive as to how the print will turn out... I have to say, in this instance it turned out great, I am very happy with the way my image looks on the case. I have also showed the case around to friends and family to get their opinions and, they are all in agreement as to how good it is.

The 'ultra light weight slimline' case as you can image from the name, is thin, unlike some cases that can feel cumbersome, this does not. Despite how thin the case is, it is made from a reasonably tough plastic... we have two accident prone dogs and so far it's standing up very well to knocks from them and, more importantly, it's protecting the iPhone from them. The fit of the case is also excellent, it fits onto the iPhone very securely, there isn't any sign of wobble or loosesness, you don't feel like you have to worry about it falling off.

With some cases, you find that it doesn't fit so well around buttons etc, however, this case fits around the iPhone's buttons and camera lens very nicely as you can see in the shot above, it's molding matches up with the panelling on the iPhone's body.

Overall, I would certainly recommend Mr.Nutcase custom phone cases, the process of creating is very easy, the delivery time is outstanding (obviously if you aren't in the UK delivery times will vary), the build quality and durability is excellent, the prices are very competitive with others I checked on the web to compare with and, most importantly for me as a photographer, the print quality is very good.

A custom phone case makes for an excellent gift, either for a friend, a loved one, or yourself if you feel like buying yourself a gift... If you wish to get a case yourself from Mr.Nutcase use the code "Thanku10" to get yourself 10% off.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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