Sunday, 1 June 2014

Marvel Vs Edgar Wright, Friday the 13th sequel/reboot and Stargate reboot...

This past week or two has had it's fair share of movie news, here is a brief selection of some that have caught my eye... Allons-y!

Firstly, news about Marvel's Ant-Man... Marvel and Edgar Wright have parted ways. Wright has reportedly been working on Ant-Man since 2006 (one report I've read says 2004), however, Wright and Marvel or, more accurately, if reports are accurate, Wright and Kevin Feige have come to a disagreement, a disagreement which they couldn't work through. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the reason behind Wright's decision to leave was, Marvel deciding to commission an independent rewrite of the screenplay that Wright had developed for the best part of a decade along with Joe Cornish. Whilst no official comment, to my knowledge, has come from either party envolved, it wouldn't be the first time a studio has pulled a stunt like this. If reports about the reasoning behind the 'break-up' are correct, it's quite appauling behaviour on Marvel's part, especially when you consider, Wright has worked on Ant-Man for longer than Feige has been president of Marvel Studios.

This move has sparked quite a wide spread condemnation from fans of Wright, and wrightly so (see what I did there?). Wright is an impressive talent, his understanding of all aspects of movie making is hard to match, his talent and love of creating rivals that of Joss Whedon, another director who doesn't get the credit, or exposure he deserves.

I hope I am wrong, however, I fear this move by Marvel could turn Ant-Man into their, 'jumping the shark' moment.

Reports on Coming Soon state that Friday The 13th will open on Friday 13th November, instead of the initial Friday 13th March date that it was originally given (these are 2, of the 3 Friday 13th's in 2015 that they could choose from). While this information is probably accurate, what is not clear is how accrate the other rumours floating around the internet are. The first rumour surrounding, FT13 is that the 2009 film is going to be totally disregarded, it never happened! a little like how people wish the Twilight films never happened (I'm sure they'll reboot them soon!). Now, this rumour, if it turns out to be true, doesn't really bother me, by the nature of the FT13 films, each one is like a mini-reboot anyway.

The rumour, if it turns out to be true, I do have issue with, is, the style choice that the makers are considering. The makers of FT13 are considering turning the 2015 release into a, found footage movie... oh no, not another one, has this gimmick not finished yet? 

Not only have I not yet seen a found footage movie that I have enjoyed, I have yet to find one that I find the least bit realistic, which is what they're going for isn't it? Also, I can't get my head around why, when getting chased by a huge maniac with a machette, you would film... my camera would have bounced off his face (or nuts, he's trying to kill me, dirty tactics are allowed) shortly after seeing him for the first time.

The last piece of news I want to talk briefly about today is, MGM/Warner Brothers are rebooting Stargate. Now MGM/Warner Brothers big 'selling point' of this reboot of the 1994 sci-fi legend (I think it's a legend anyway) is the fact that, they are bringing back Roland Emmerich (the original films co writer and director) to direct and Dean Devlin (the original films co writer) to produce... Surely it's going to be great, what could possibly go wrong revisiting a sci-fi film so long after the last one, adjusting aspects of it, especially when you have the original makers on board... I have one thing to say to you... Star Wars I-III.

Anyway, that's a few movie related stories that have caught my eye of late, what movie news has caught your eye, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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