Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Alternate Perception Of Video Games - 01: Pokemon

Whilst writing my 'Top 10 Game Boy Games Of My Childhood' article, it occurred to me, what if our current perception of a video game was turned around... and so, a series was born, 'The Alternate Perception Of Video Games'

For this inaugural post, we are going to take a look at one of the games from my article, Pokemon... Allons-y!

To illustrate this post is about Pokemon...
If I was to add a shot of all Pokemon titles,
we'd have the War & Peace of blog posts!

No doubt, if you haven't played a Pokemon game, you will, at least, have heard of them. You may have even caught a glimpse of the tv shows, movies, or, seen the toys and trading cards in your local shops. The premise of the game is quite simple, collect at least, one of each of the Pokemon in the world (you need multiple in the later titles, as, you can breed them), attend a number of gyms, beat each gym leader, gain medals, then, win a tournament to become the greatest trainer there is.

It all sounds fairly harmless, your goal is becoming a master trainer, Mr Miyagi trained Daniel-san, he was lovely, so, in the game, you must be too... think again!

If you think about the alternate perception of portions of the game, you come to some alarming conclusions, lets take a look at a few...

In the game - Local prof wants you to collect info on all Pokemon...
In reality - Child labour

See, you're a child!
Quite a cocky looking one at that!

In the game - Collect all the pokemon...
In reality - Enslave as many harmless creatures as you can

In the game - Explore areas of grass, sea, desert, cave...
In reality - Stomp around, startling wildlife, with the intention of, attacking and trapping it

In the game - Keep your Pokemon in, genius, scientifically created devices called, Pokeballs
In reality - Cram your Pokemon, which are normally larger than a grown adult, into a ball that is small enough to fit in a childs hand

In the game - Train in gyms and, compete in the tournament...
In reality - Force your Pokemon, against their will, to physically assault other Pokemon

Poor birdy, forced to attack that rat!
In the game - Heal your fatigued and fainted Pokemon at a Pokecenter...
In reality - Pump your Pokemon full of drugs so you can force them to fight again, straight away

There you have it, Pokemon... not quite as innocent as you thought it was. Next time you play, spare a thought for those poor little mites, who you enslave, after destroying their home and attacking them... or, better yet, play Pokemon Snap, all you're doing then is taking pictures of them.

Much more Pokemon friendly game... all you're doing is
taking pictures!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

Coming soon, I will be flipping the perception of more of yours, and my, favourite video games.

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